July 30, 2021

Palestinian Arabs Burn Pictures Of Trump As Tens Of Thousands Try To Invade Israel’s Gaza Border; 12 Dead.

On Friday morning, just before the holiday of Passover, Palestinian Arabs swarmed the border between the Gaza Strip – entirely run by the Hamas terrorist government – and Israel, attempting to breach the barrier and overrun Israeli soldiers. According to The Daily Mail, “tens of thousands of Palestinians…gathered at five locations along the fenced 40-mile frontier where tents were erected for a planned six-week protest.”

Hamas, of course, has left its citizens in dire poverty and brutalized its political opponents, as well as kidnaping Israeli soldiers and firing rockets into Israel proper – all in an attempt to draw Israel into a broader war to prop up its own support base. This is merely its latest tactic.

Palestinians reportedly “were also seen burning and stamping on posters with the face of U.S. President Donald Trump.” The Israeli military used a drone to drop tear gas on violent protesters, and had to fire on rioters who were throwing rocks and rolling burning tires at soldiers. “Gaza health officials” claimed that 12 Palestinian Arabs had been killed.

The supposed purpose of the march: to swamp Israel by invading its borders under the so-called “right of return” – the idea that Palestinian Arabs should be allowed to move into Israel proper based on ancestral residence before the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It is worth noting that the “right of return” talking point is inaccurate: the vast majority of Palestinian Arabs fled the state in 1948 despite Israel’s open attempts to offer them residency, in order to avoid becoming caught in the crossfire between Jews and the Arab nations attempting to destroy the nascent state. Approximately 600,000 Palestinian Arabs fled, including about half of those who left before the war reached them. According to Efraim Karsh, head of the Mediterranean Studies program at London University’s King’s College:

By April 1948, a month before Israel’s declaration of independence, and at a time when the Arabs appeared to be winning the war, some 100,000 Palestinians, mostly from the main urban centers of Jaffa, Haifa, and Jerusalem, and from villages in the coastal plain, had gone. Within another month those numbers had nearly doubled; and by early June, according to an internal Hagana report, some 390,000 Palestinians had left. By the time the war was over in 1949, the number of refugees had risen to between 550,000 and 600,000.

Hamas’ stated goal is the full-scale destruction of the state of Israel. And Hamas is fond of putting vulnerable people in harm’s way in order to gin up support for their terroristic agenda.

Again, all of these protests are taking place on land Israel vacated in 2006 in order to give control to the Palestinian Arabs. Israel even left behind its greenhouses, built by Jews, for the use of Palestinian Arabs; those greenhouses were promptly burned down.

Source: The Daily Wire