August 2, 2021

Stormy Daniels Says She’s Not A Victim, Trump Encounter Was Consensual.

Stormy Daniels: I’m Not A ‘#MeToo’ Victim

Adult film star Stormy Daniels came out against those who would say she is a “Me Too” victim during a Sunday night interview.

Daniels, who reportedly had a sexual encounter with President Donald Trump in 2006, does not feel her experience falls under the “Me Too banner,” she said to Anderson Cooper during a “60 Minutes” interview.

“They’re trying to. Like, oh, you know, Stormy Daniels comes out #MeToo. This is not a ‘Me Too.’ I was not a victim. I’ve never said I was a victim. I think trying to use me to-to further someone else’s agenda does horrible damage to people who are true victims,” she said.

Daniels was also adamant the alleged encounter between her and the president was consensual when Cooper asked Daniels if she had wanted to have sex with the president.

“No. But I didn’t — I didn’t say no. I’m not a victim, I’m not,” Daniels said, adding, “Oh, yes. Yes,” when Cooper asked if the encounter was consensual.

Source: The Daily Caller