July 27, 2021

They Did it Again: Media Downgrades Another Trump Nominee’s Accomplishments.

Earlier this month, Larry Kudlow was tapped to replace Gary Cohn as President Trump’s new senior economic advisor and leader of the National Economic Council. Kudlow is an established economist who worked for the Reagan administration. He also hosted a show on CNBC.

CNN thought the latter part of his résumé was more important to tell their viewers. “Trump Taps TV Personality,” their initial chyron read.

The network has now given the same disrespectful treatment to a new Trump appointee. John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush, has been named as Trump’s nominee for national security adviser. He was downgraded on CNN, however, who thought his contributions to cable news were more of note.

Thankfully, the producers made a more appropriate edit.

But, not before social media had some fun with CNN’s first description.

MSNBC still wins the prize for disrespect, though. When news broke about Kudlow being nominated as economic adviser, network anchor Stephanie Ruhle laughed her head off about his suggesting it was “God’s will” he had been chosen to serve the president. She at least apologized, but her arrogance was already showing.

Let’s face it, as soon as an individual is associated with the Trump White House, they can expect less-than-flattering coverage in the media, despite their established résumés.

Source: Townhall