July 21, 2024

Trump: Gov. Brown is ‘doing a terrible job running the state of California’

President Trump seemed to confirm Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent complaint that the president is “going to war against” the state, telling reporters during his first visit that Brown is “doing a terrible job.”

“Gov. Brown’s done a very poor job running California,” Trump said while inspecting border wall prototypes in San Diego. “They have the highest taxes in the United States. The place is totally out of control.”

He noted that he owns property in the state. “The taxes are way, way out of whack and people are going to start to move pretty soon.”

Trump spoke at length with border agents as he looked at samples of wall types and stated his preference for a “see-through” version as he stood beside a prototype that was not transparent.

“The problem is you have to have see through. You have to know what’s on the other side of the wall,” Trump said. “You could be two feet away from a criminal cartel and you don’t even know they’re there.”

The president insisted that California political leaders actually want walls, despite what they say in opposition. “The state of California is begging us to build walls in certain areas. They don’t tell you that,” he said.

Trump also held up drawings of wall renderings and discussed progress in immigration enforcement since the 1990s, when current barriers were erected in the area. Prior to that time, he said, “It was an open wound, frankly.”

“They reestablished law and order when they put up a wall in San Diego,” Trump said, citing comments made by the border agent who led his tour. “You hear it, folks. Say what you want. These are the facts of life.”

Source: LA Times