August 2, 2021

Trump Wasted No Time Responding To Kim Jong Un’s Claim North Korea Would Be Willing To Give Up Nukes.

President Donald Trump responded to North Korea’s offer to discuss denuclearization with a pair of tweets Tuesday.

Following a landmark meeting between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and South Korean diplomats in Pyongyang, the North announced a willingness to discuss denuclearization with the U.S., as well as halt weapons testing during dialogue.

“The North expressed its willingness to hold a heartfelt dialogue with the U.S. on the issues of denuclearization and normalizing relations with the United States. It made it clear that while dialogue is continuing, it will not attempt any strategic provocations, such as nuclear and ballistic missile tests,” Seoul said in a statement.

Trump was quick to respond on Twitter.

North Korea has made similar promises in the past, assuring the world that it would not develop nuclear weapons and then promising to give up the weapons it said it would never make in the first place. North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test in September, detonating a suspected staged thermonuclear bomb with an explosive yield far greater than anything the rogue regime has previously tested.

Washington remains suspicious of Pyongyang’s intentions.

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Source: The Daily Caller