November 28, 2021

Even Trump’s opponents think he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

If the Nobel Peace Prize really is about “peace,” guess who wins the next one hands down?  Even the lefties are admitting it.

This must give the Nobel committee the shivers, forced to admit that Donald Trump of all people brought peace to the Korean peninsula after 65 years.  Yes, that Donald Trump, the one they have been hating for all these years.  And the war Trump ended had been rising to dangerous levels when he stopped it.

The line pointing to Trump for this is obvious enough, too.  When Trump made highly risky, seemingly crazy tweets declaring the North Korean dictator Little Rocket Man and, with a weird, weird, seemingly impulsive juvenile bravado, declared that his nukes are bigger than Kim’s, things started to happen.  Out of desperation, Kim hired Western consultants in the West to read him.  Kim also watched the news about Syria and decided he didn’t want it to happen to him.  And he came to believe that Trump is not only serious, but even crazier than Kim is.  Kim’s response to run, not walk, to the negotiating table.

So here we have it: the handshake between North and South Korea at the DMZ along with the call to end the Korean War, which has remained smoldering embers with no peace treaty since 1953.

Who’s stating the obvious about this?

Kid you not, it’s lefties and their press minions.

Foreign policy doyen Ian Bremmer, who is probably best described as center-left and a realist, but a lefty nevertheless, came out with it.  Up until now, he’s had nothing positive to say about Trump. Here are his tweets:

There’s more. Here is what one column in the increasingly left-wing London Telegraph had to say:

US President Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for Korean triumph

From Nikkei Asian Review of Trump-unfriendly Japan:

A Nobel Prize for Trump, Xi, Moon and Kim?

And this one, from the #NeverTrump Washington Examiner:

Why Trump deserves a Nobel Prize

Is a consensus building or what?  When you have Trump critics of this kind admitting the obvious, and a Nobel committee with its reputation on the line, it’s going to be difficult for the smug, self-important Eurotrash running that thing to deny Trump that prize.  And if Trump wins, we win.  The deplorables who elected Trump, as it turns out, were right all along.

Source: American Thinker