August 2, 2021

“Fake News” Masquerading as Founders’ “Liberty Tree”

“Fake News” Masquerading as Founders’ “Liberty Tree”

“Fake News” Masquerading as Founders’ “Liberty Tree”

You MUST SEE the embedded video accompanying this writing. I found it just a few hours ago. It was posted by razor-sharp freedom fighter, Paul Joseph Watson, on one of his Facebook pages. As I watched this thing, my jaw hit the tabletop. It is yet another bright light cutting through the current darkness that should be showcased from every corner of what’s left of ‘free news media’ here in our suffering America. Watch the video if it is still available, and pass this article on to as many as quickly as you can.

Back when our great nation was first discovering the pluck it needed to save itself from the tyranny of King George, we had a “Liberty Tree” in Boston. Our forefathers gathered beneath the shade of its boughs to discuss matters of the righteous uprising which would eventually lead to our unprecedented, coast-to-coast free Republic. On its trunk and branches proclamations were tacked and hung to be copied, memorized and carried away in order to spread vital news amongst that alliance of early American patriots.

I have often referred to the Internet and its many independent news carriers, as well as some of the established social-network outlets, as a type of information-dispensing tree. It is certainly similar to the Liberty Tree, in being the vehicle by which vital news and rallying words of encouragement are spread amongst contemporary patriots hungry for the real story. Finding the straight truth regarding the condition of our precious America – currently under attack from every direction – is becoming increasingly challenging as days go by and technology advances at lightspeed. Our new ‘Liberty Tree’, more and more shown, is easily manipulated by our marxist adversaries who are blinding people and shaping opinion against us.

Just as Hitler controlled the media in WWII Germany, the media, entertainment world and Internet are a tree of sorts that is today increasingly controlled by the big-money left and professional politicians. The genius upstart who put this video together should be given a medal of valor for, in his careful research and editing, simply doing the righteous work that St. Paul admonished the children of God to do in exposing the works of darkness. (Ephesians 5:11)

As you watch the video below, remember that the uniform, rock-hard scripted message you are hearing was one that was carried by affiliates of all the major networks and their outlets. The one thing that this video powerfully displays is that its parroted message originated from one single overseeing desk. From there it was disseminated, in obvious obedience, to an unstable and vulnerable nation of trusting sheep who know no better than to look to these compliant tv drones for the facts upon which daily decisions and crucial planning are based. PJ Watson headed this video with the words, “What fake news looks like.”

I think this is bigger and infinitely more threatening than the moniker, “fake news” indicates. This very simply and most clearly demonstrates the absolute power of unbridled dishonesty posing as a righteously liberating crusade. This is truly another example of the serpent disguising himself as an eagle. The devil is, in his final hours, truly worse than any wolf in sheep’s clothing. And it is the task of all people who value the authenticity of unchangeable veracity to get this slipped to the streets, broadcast. Forward this article and clip as though it were of life-and-death importance. Because it is.

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Source: Canada Free Press