December 8, 2021

Mexico Moves to Disband Caravan of Illegal Aliens After Being Blasted By President Trump on Twitter.

After a series of scathing tweets from President Trump, the Mexican government has stopped a caravan of illegal aliens traveling through Mexico from Honduras and on their way to the United States. The caravan was organized by People Without Borders, a far left organization. From WAPO:

The Mexican government on Monday evening moved to break up the caravan of migrants moving through southern Mexico, with immigration officials registering the travelers and suggesting some could receive humanitarian visas while others would have to leave Mexico.

The caravan, estimated at more than 1,000 migrants, many from Central America, has gained increasing visibility because of tweets by President Trump that have criticized Mexico for not doing more to stop the flow of migrants to the southern border of the United States.

An official from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration told BuzzFeed News that Mexico plans to disband the caravan by Wednesday and that some vulnerable people, such as pregnant women or those with disabilities, would receive humanitarian visas, while the rest will be expected to leave Mexico within 10 days or apply for permission to remain in Mexico for a month.

During an interview with Fox News Monday night, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Geronimo Gutierrez argued Mexico has a cooperative track record of stopping the flow of illegal aliens traveling through Mexico and into the United States. He also argued Mexico does not promote irregular immigration.

“Mexico’s migration policy is to seek that any migration is legal, safe, orderly and respectful of basic human rights. That’s the way we act upon immigration. We certainly do not argue for irregular immigration from our nationals or from any other country,” Gutierrez said. “Our authorities, U.S.-Mexico cooperation, is very good.”

“What we’re trying to do is to work with the United States and Central America,” he continued. “It is in our own interest to have a secure southern border and we’re also in favor of having a secure border with the United States.”


Source: Townhall