September 19, 2019

Poll: Trump Approval Hits Highest Numbers Seen This Year.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating hit 51 percent in the daily Rasmussen tracking poll Wednesday reaching a high not seen in over a year.

The president has rejoiced in Rasmussen’s finding days earlier that his approval rating stood at 50 percent higher than where his predecessor former President Barack Obama stood at the same point in his presidency clocking in at 46 percent on April 2, 2010.

The last time Trump saw approval ratings this high in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll was in April 2017.

Trump’s approval ratings has also steadily climbed in other, less-favorable polls with aggregator FiveThirtyEight putting his overall approval at 40.1 percent, with a 53.9 percent disapproval rating.

Source: The Daily Caller