July 18, 2024

UN Unveils Board Game to Brainwash Children

UN Unveils Board Game to Brainwash Children

UN Unveils Board Game to Brainwash Children

The dictators club more commonly known as the United Nations has a new “board game” aimed at brainwashing your children into believing in total global government, among other evils. By the UN’s own admission, the scheme is intended to enlist youth from all over the world in imposing the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the people and the planet. In short, that would mean the end of freedom.

The SDGs or UN Agenda 2030, as the scheme is often called, represents basically a road-map to global totalitarianism. The radical agreement, signed by Obama but never ratified by the U.S. Senate, calls for a total restructuring of human society, leaving nobody behind. It demands government control over production and consumption, planetary socialism, global government, indoctrination of children, reorganization of the family, and much more.

And brainwashed children will be crucial to its success. “Children and young women and men are critical agents of change and will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world,” the agreement itself explains, demanding in Goal 4 that all children be brainwashed into the UN’s anti-freedom agenda.

The tax-funded UN board game hopes to help move that all along. “Intended primarily for children aged 8-10, the game aims to help children understand the Goals, how they impact their lives and how they can help achieve them,” the website for the game says, without ever asking whether the goals are desirable. Indeed, rather than teaching children how to think, the game seeks to teach the children what to think.

And in the game, the indoctrination into demonstrable lies and blatant totalitarianism is clear. For example, on Goal number 10, which calls for national and international wealth redistribution, the UN board game has a highly misleading question and answer. “What is the best way to fight poverty?” asks the game card. The correct answer, according to the UN, is global Marxism: “Share the wealth produced in the world.”

Of course, if that were true, Cuba, North Korea, and Zimbabwe would all be among the richest nations in the world, rather than the poorest and most miserable. If the UN were actually interested in solving poverty, rather than centralizing wealth and power in its own hands for the benefit of the global elite, it might look to the richest countries for answers–Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, Luxembourg, and so on–all of which have high levels of economic freedom.

In official documents and reports, the UN boasts of using games to target the “metacognitive activities children,” and it brags that some 85 percent of those targeted agreed that they would change their behavior to be in line with the UN’s objectives. The UN Development Program report even celebrates the use of games to “facilitate behavior change.”

Education watchdog Lynne Taylor, also known as the Common Core Diva, was one of the first to sound the alarm about the new game. “The UN SDG game needs to be on everyone’s radar because it is driving not only education to the foredrawn conclusion of Americans becoming global citizens, but our entire lifestyles,” she told The Newman Report.

“It drives conversations, thoughts, and, beliefs to those NOT of our personal or family values, but the politically driven, social justice ways,” added Taylor. “The issue is, these globally driven, UN prescribed values do not mirror America’s! The SDGs, in any form, and especially through an ‘innocent’ game, seek to totally transform our ‘Land of the Free’ into a compliant UN member-state.”

The UN is coming for the minds, hearts, and souls of your children, and they are using every avenue available to do it — government schools, Hollywood propaganda, and even board games. American parents must be on guard against the dictators club and its subversive agenda. And elected officials must neutralize the threat by severing all U.S. ties with the totalitarian UN as quickly as possible.

Source: Freedom Project Media