June 4, 2020

Democrats Suddenly Very Concerned Over Red “Trump Wave” That Might Dominate 2018 Midterms

Nearly two-thirds of all Republican voters now declare the entirety of the Mueller investigation to be a witch-hunt meant only to damage President Trump. This according to a just-released YouGov poll – and that number is steadily climbing. At this rate, Trump-supporting Republicans are going to be more motivated than ever to get out and vote in 2018 and that spells very bad news for Democrats who were not so long ago celebrating what was to be a “Blue Wave” takeover of Congress.

According to D.C. Congressional sources, the red-alert has gone out among the Democrat leadership to try and slow the now-increasing interest among Trump voters to remain engaged and ready for action come 2018. Last year the plan was to have these same voters so discouraged by all the anti-Trump media-generated press they would sit out 2018.


“As we head into the summer pre-election cycle Trump supporters are talking with one another and they appear to be itching for a fight. They shocked the world by giving Trump the White House in 2016. They might deliver another shock by preventing Democrats from taking Congress in 2018. There’s definitely a shift happening right now. Even people who were lukewarm to Trump two years ago are completely fed up with the 24/7 attacks on him. The entire plan to derail Trump in 2018 could backfire big time.”