February 27, 2020

Trump’s Winning Streak Rivals One Of The Greatest Streaks In Sports

Trump's winning streak rivals one of the greatest streaks in sports

Trump’s winning streak rivals one of the greatest streaks in sports

John Wooden, perhaps the best basketball coach of all-time, once led his UCLA Bruins to 88 straight wins over three seasons in the early 1970s, still an NCAA men’s record. That streak, plus 10 national championships, earned him the nickname: the “Wizard of Westwood.”

If President Donald Trump has more win streaks like his present one, he might well become known as the “Wizard of Washington.” From the economy to important victories across the vast Asian continent, America is winning under Trump’s leadership.

The good news this month began with an incredible jobs report. The unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent, falling under 4 percent for the first time since 2000. Even better, unlike during the Obama presidency, the low jobless rate was not due to people giving up and leaving the workforce. Instead, since Trump’s election, almost 1 million new workers have re-entered the labor market. That movement toward self-sufficiency reaps myriad benefits for our society including more stable families, lower crime, and less government dependency. In fact, an amazing 2 million Americans stopped receiving food stamps during fiscal 2017.

In addition, the quality of the jobs improved as wages accelerated in the first quarter of 2018 at the fastest pace in a decade. This trend particularly benefits minorities. For example, in U.S. history, Hispanic unemployment has registered below 5 percent for only seven months, ever. Amazingly, six of those seven months have occurred in the past year under the pro-growth policies of this president. If President Trump is as racist as media pundits claim he is, he’s remarkably bad at it.

A strong America at home supports a strong America abroad as well. On the international scene, this commander in chief, in contrast to his two predecessors, is restrained in his use of American might, but also clear-eyed in his admonitions to our adversaries.

Last week, he took strong action against the awful Iran nuclear deal. Trump recognizes that allowing Iran to simultaneously pursue both advanced nuclear power technology and potent ballistic missiles sets the stage for a very dangerous Tehran regime in years to come. Moreover, Trump showed our allies in the Middle East (Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia) that he will not let the corporatist globalists of Western Europe dictate American policy toward the corrupt mullahs of Iran. The incredible capture of five top Islamic State leaders last week showed the potency of Americans working in concert with our friends in the region.

Speaking of our friends, at long last America made good on our promise to our ally Israel and moved our embassy to Jerusalem. In doing so, Trump showed that campaign promises actually matter, and that we believe that Jerusalem is both the capital of the modern state of Israel as well as the eternal capital of all Jewish people.

On the other side of Asia, Trump set the date and location for the historic summit with Kim Jong Un. The recent detente on the peninsula, including an official end to the Korean War, unfolded largely because of Trump’s leadership, according to various South Korean officials. In fact, even the Secretary General of the United Nations concedes that the “straitjacket” pressure of Trump makes a grand denuclearization deal possible. Trump deployed maximum economic restrictions, diplomatic pressure (largely via China), and forceful rhetoric to compel North Korea toward moderation. As a result, with grateful hearts, President Trump and Melania welcomed home three American hostages back to their families and to our land of freedom.

So, while the Quixotic mainstream media tilts at Russian and porn-star windmills, President Trump makes America more prosperous and more safe. May he have many more John Wooden-esque win streaks like the one he’s had so far in May.

Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) is a CNN Political Commentator and served as a Trump 2016 campaign adviser and on the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council.

Source: Washington Examiner