April 21, 2019

Flashback: Hillary Predicted Trump’s Tax Plan Would Destroy Millions of Jobs. It’s Doing Precisely the Opposite.

At the final 2016 presidential debate, Hillary Clinton cited “independent experts” (namely, this guy, whose predictions about President Trump’s impact on the economy have been proven laughably wrong thus far) in asserting that Trump’s tax plan would cost the US millions of jobs and risked plunging the economy into another major downturn — the latter claim premised on the unserious falsehood that tax cuts “caused” the 2008 collapse.  Skip ahead to the 2:25 mark, and watch her lay out the attack:

Third Presidential Debate 2016 | Clinton, Trump on Growing the Economy

UPDATE – These two headlines from the New York Times (on the jobs report) and the Washington Post (on black unemployment) are pretty staggering. No wonder the RNC blasted them out immediately.

Source: Townhall