October 22, 2018

#Spygate and Leftists’ Lack of Patriotism.

Leftists, despite their continual condemnation of America’s values and their steadfast insistence that all international problems are due to America, become incensed if their patriotism is questioned.

The reality is that all that matters to leftists is obtaining the power necessary to control the lives of all Americans.  If you doubt that leftists feel they have the right to control the rest of us, remember that when they have the chance, leftists are eager to tell us how much soda we can drink.

If they truly believe they have the right to control what we eat, can there be any doubt that they also believe they can control more important aspects of our lives?

Not really, given that they have said Americans should have only freedom of worship, not freedom to live their faith.  Leftists think it’s fine to use the power of the government to make Catholic nuns cooperate in abortions or to force Christian bakers to participate in gay “weddings.”

The ongoing fake-news Russia-stole-the-election meme that the leftist establishment has been peddling since 2016 is a great example of how leftists put their own ambitions for power ahead of what’s best for America and are thereby unpatriotic.

Leftist lies about the impact of Russia on the election and Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia to steal the election have done far more damage to American’s trust in our electoral process than anything the Russians actually did.  But the leftists continue to lie about it, because they don’t care if they destroy democracy in America so long as it means they get more power.

If we look, we can see that there is no evidence to support leftist groupthink.

One of the few actual events the leftists can point to is the leaking of the DNC emails.  The first thing to note is that we don’t really know if the Russians were behind that.  The DNC refused to turn the targeted computer over to the FBI or the CIA, which means that claims by any government agency that the Russians were behind it are based on secondhand information.  Given the well established political bias of the FBI and the historical liberal bias of the CIA – the CIA is staffed mainly by graduates of liberal east-coast colleges – it’s absurd to simply believe any claims by them when they couldn’t conduct an independent forensic analysis on the targeted computer.

But even if we assume that the Russians did it, is it really election interference?  If the NYT or WaPo had published an article showing that Hillary had bought the DNC and, as a result, the DNC was violating its own rules and working against Bernie, would that have been election interference or election support?  Didn’t the Bernie nation have a right to know the secret shenanigans the DNC was involved in?

If Trump had bought the RNC and, as a result, the RNC were actively working to suppress the other Republican candidates, don’t you think it would help people to know about it?

Therefore, if the reality is that the Russians did the investigative journalism that the media should have done but didn’t, we owe them a thank you, not a condemnation.  Yet the leftists condemn the leaking of the emails.  They do so because to them, what matters is not truth, or fairness, or an unbiased electoral process but whether or not they get power.  Instead of addressing the real problem, the DNC violation of its own rules, leftists try to distract voters by claiming that our election was hacked.  But that in turn is unpatriotic because it’s not true and it hurts America.

But what about the other claims of Russian collusion?

We now know that leftists know they are all lies.  From the beginning, the leftist establishment has known that the only source for the “Trump collusion” lie is a document compiled by a former British spy based on what he himself says are unverified rumors from Russian sources, all of which was paid for by the Hillary campaign.

Given that those same leftists were incensed that Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Russian to see if she had dirt on Hillary, it’s clear that they embrace the Steele dossier not out of any honest belief that it’s accurate, but because any lie is good so long as it allows them to get more power.

That, in turn, tells us that leftists are willing to destroy the people’s confidence in our electoral process in order to further their own political ambitions.  This in turn is clear proof that leftists lack patriotism or any belief in the democratic process.

One further example of how leftists reject American values when they hinder the left’s ambitions is their acceptance of the Obama administration’s weaponizing of the massive U.S. intelligence system against the Republican Party.

Many of you are old enough to remember when the leftists were furious that some Republicans had broken into a DNC office to get intel for the upcoming presidential election.  The bungling burglars got nothing, and they were not supported by the FBI or any federal agency.

But now, when we know that the Obama regime used the fake Steele dossier to turn the NSA loose on the Trump campaign and that the Obama FBI used one or more spies to set up minor figures working for the campaign, those same leftists tell us it is no big deal.

Thinking that using the power of government against one’s political foes is okay is highly un-American and unpatriotic.  Yet that’s the mantra of the left in America today: anything is okay so long as it hurts Trump and helps us get power over the people.

The good news is that a large fraction of the people who vote for leftist politicians would be appalled if they knew the truth.  While the internet, Fox, and talk radio have reduced the leftist media’s stranglehold on information, the sad reality is that all too many Americans hear is the propaganda spewed by the establishment media and the highly biased tech titans such as Facebook and Google.

Those Americans never heard that a Democrat senator was on trial for corruption, but they did hear, many times, that the smoking gun that showed that Trump was a Russian stooge had been found.  They’ve been told that Comey leaking lies to start the Mueller investigation was a good thing and that Trump firing Comey after Democrats had been calling for Comey to be fired is somehow obstruction of justice.  In the bizarro-world those voters live in, voting for leftists actually makes sense.

This, in turn, means that our job is to disabuse our friends, relatives, and neighbors – in a polite and caring way – of the lies they are constantly being fed.  As Hitler pointed out, most people are honest and would never lie about anything major.  Hence, they are reluctant to believe that the major media would constantly and repeatedly lie about issues that are critical to America.  We need to break through that barrier and get them to realize that the mainstream media comprise liars who cannot be trusted.

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Source: American Thinker