July 5, 2020

Caveat on the Carfentanil Connection – No Problem sleep easy…

Caveat on the Carfentanil Connection

Caveat on the Carfentanil Connection

The article “Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?” responded to revelations appearing in a July 27, 2018 CBC News report. Below is the sentence from that report describing the haul taken from the Danforth shooter’s brother’s home:

“Durham Region Police later obtained a search warrant and found 33 firearms, ammunition and more than 40 kilograms of the potentially lethal drug carfentanil.”

Typically, when journalists refer to multiple kilograms of a narcotic, say five kilos of heroin at the airport, they are referring to a narcotic in its pure form unless otherwise specified.
The Guardian article on the same seizure seems to confirm the purity of the substance in this sentence:

“Lab tests eventually revealed 42 kg of the substance to be carfentanil – a drug the US Drug Enforcement Agency has described as “crazy dangerous” and which authorities in the US have flagged as a potential chemical weapon.”

The Durham Regional Police report on the raid had been scrubbed off the Internet – heightening suspicions of a cover-up.

Research conducted since the posting of “Did we just dodge…” involved reading the Toronto Sun’s account of the September 20, 2017 seizure at the Pickering address, to wit:

“Three months after Hussein’s overdose in June 2017 police found 42 kg of carfentanil – mixed with 17 kg of a cutting agent plus caffeine –and 33 firearms at Hussein’s home…”

This, again, implies pure carfentanil, albeit prepared for commercial sale not offensive deployment. At the same time, carfentanil, given the mere micrograms of its commercial dosage, would require “buff” hundreds of times its own volume to make the transaction doable; unless both dealer and consumer arrive with microscopes and hazmat suits. So the math is, again, dubious.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, in the same Sun article, in the small print below the photo, one finds this sentence:

“Testing later determined 42 kg of the substance contained carfentanil.”

The phrase “contained carfentanil” implies a substance merely laced with carfentanil; hence the amount of this potential chemical weapon seized in Pickering would have been much less than 42 kg.

Thanks to our friendly Internet sleuths we are now in possession of cached copies of all three Durham Region Police reports pertaining to the Pickering seizures. The three operative sentences are:

“The laboratory results from Health Canada confirmed the substance taken out of a Pickering residence last months was carfentanil.


On Wednesday September 20, 2017 police seized 53 kgs of an unknown substance from a Pickering residence and 42 kilograms of this has been positively identified as carfentanil.
And then, maddeningly:

The total seizure equals 420,000 doses of carfentanil with a street value estimated at $13 million.”

The first two sentences imply pure carfentanil. The third sentence relays the suspect math reappearing in many articles. This contradiction results either from faulty logic OR from the possibility that the substance was merely laced with carfentanil.

As of right now, it is unclear what the purity of the seized substance was; and it is relevant.

Scenario A: it was merely laced with carfentanil.

This means we are dealing with a network of criminal gangs and jihadi cells, residing in southern Ontario, who are in possession of large caches of firearms, millions of dollars’ worth of dope, and who have proven access to a weapon of mass destruction. No problem; sleep easy.

Scenario B: it was pure carfentanil.

This means a major terrorist force was in the final stages of preparation for a catastrophic attack in Toronto. They were thwarted by two flukes, not by our security services.

Demand an inquiry!

Two New Sources
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