August 1, 2021

Conservative Revolt at–Facebook?



Conservative Facebook employees fed up at the social media behemoth’s oppressive, intolerant corporate culture have created an internal group to fight back.

It’s no secret that social media platforms have been suppressing and marginalizing ideas they don’t like—and the ideas they don’t like are overwhelmingly of the conservative and patriotic variety.

But this new revolt is significant because internal dissent is almost unheard of at Facebook. When Google engineer James Damore wrote an internal memo arguing that forced diversity at the company wasn’t a positive thing and that so-called underrepresentation of women in the technology field probably wasn’t related to sexism, Google fired him.

FB’ers for Political Diversity

The internal group, called FB’ers for Political Diversity, came into being after senior Facebook engineer Brian Amerige posted an item titled, “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity,” on Facebook’s internal message board last week.

According to a New York Times article, more than 100 of Facebook’s approximately 30,000 employees have joined the new group since it was formed days ago. However, at press time, there were two groups with the same name listed on Facebook. One had a membership of 476; the other, 1,228.

“We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views,” Amerige wrote in the internal message board post, the New York Times reported. “We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.”

The newspaper report continued:

The aim of the initiative, according to Mr. Amerige’s memo, is to create a space for ideological diversity within the company.

The new group has upset other Facebook employees, who said its online posts were offensive to minorities. One engineer, who declined to be identified for fear of retaliation, said several people had lodged complaints with their managers about FB’ers for Political Diversity and were told that it had not broken any company rules.

President Trump recently threw his support behind a crackdown on social media corporations that discriminate against conservatives.

Source: Canada Free Press