August 3, 2021

Mark Levin: Trump Should Pull MORE Security Clearances.

“Life, Liberty, & Levin” host and bestselling author Mark Levin appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Wednesday to praise President Donald Trump for revoking former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance, citing the former Obama official’s past support for a socialist candidate funded by Russia. “So how did this man ever get a security clearance?” Levin asked.

“We have never had a former communist who literally we now know spread Russian lies to misinform, propagandize the American people to impact a presidential election either,” said Hannity. “These are unprecedented times.”

Levin slammed the “fabulously stupid Omarosa media” for their coverage of the revocation.

“First of all, apparently the fact that Brennan voted for a Stalinist who was funded by the Soviets, the communist party USA, was very attractive to Barack Obama who made him CIA director. Think about that,” said Levin. “So how did this man ever get a security clearance? I’m curious about this.”

Security clearance is not a right, said Levin, it is privilege, and President Trump has the right to revoke that privilege.

“Nobody is stopping Brennan from speaking,” he said. “In fact, nobody could stop him. He has a big mouth, he will never shut up, he’ll go on TV and be the kook that he is. The idea that he has a right to access to information because he served in the Obama administration at the CIA is a preposterous argument.”

Levin continued: “Who else is the president looking at? Comey and people who are keeping score, Comey is a Republican. How many times have people told the media Mueller is a Republican, Comey is a Republican, and even they question the president! OK, you got a Republican… And by the way, for the media, most of these people the president are looking at are white. I know that’s very important to you.”

Levin pointed out that several former Obama officials have given misleading comments to the American public and to Congress, yet still have their security clearance.

“Good job, boys and girls in the Obama administration, with your security clearances,” he said. “The fact that Obama appointed these people and gave them security clearances, it’s not the obligation of this president to let them retain their security clearances. There is no constitutional issue. That’s just nonsense.”

Hannity remarked, “I would take away all of their clearances.”

“I would take away all of their clearances too,” agreed Levin. “But the fact of the matter is we really need to focus in on the conduct of these individuals.”

Watch the clip below:

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