September 21, 2019

Prepare For America’s Communication Suffocation

Prepare For America's Communication Suffocation

Prepare For America’s Communication Suffocation

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This is undoubtedly the scariest time we have been in since America was founded. We have been here for about a week. Where we are right now makes the Cuban missile crisis or major terrorist attacks, by comparison, look like little more than daily news. One of the reasons I can see it and so many can’t is because I threw out my cable television over 30 years ago. If I want news, I go looking for it from reliable sources. I don’t sit in an easy chair and let some propagandist posing as an anchorman or pundit ram his version of what he wants me to see as news down my throat.

We have given the left the heyday they have longed for – by our hubris, laziness and effectively pervading carelessness

Without firing a shot, leftist sympathizing/collaborating communication/news media sources have shut down Alex Jones for the crime of “hate speech”. There is no such crime, in and of itself – and they know that. But, as I have stressed so repeatedly up to this point, the 21st century ‘terms of agreement’ and EULA declarations imposed by social networking and media giants on a now cyber-dependent society have softly – ever so subtly – superseded the freedom of speech we Americans have always enjoyed. Our right to say potentially caustic and disagreeable things was given us by the blood left in the ground to pay for that liberty. And we have (corporately, en masse) raised brainless, spoiled vegetables-for-children who will now inherit, nurture and perpetuate our lazy spinelessness.

I have often talked about what happens to the frog in the pot of water. The punchline of that proverb of course centers on the temperature of the water being raised just a degree or two every few minutes. While no sane frog is going to go swimming in a pot of boiling water, we can put him in cool or tepid water … and by the time he is nearly cooked meat in a bubbling soup, he is just delighted in lolling around in what feels like a nice hot bath. And in that same moment he is dead. Lack of contrast kills – unnoticeably and by degrees. Contrast is what keeps people sharp, alive and THINKING. Smart warriors avoid contrast. They don’t want to be heard or seen coming. And they set traps that won’t be noticed until they have sprung shut.

We have given the left (still hiding behind the pseudonyms of ‘democrat’ and ‘liberal’) the heyday they have longed for – by our hubris, laziness and effectively pervading carelessness. Do you doubt any of this? Am I upsetting you? I hope I am upsetting lots of people, however late that may be in coming. I have held my peace and watched quietly while so much of conservative commentary, since what was dished out to InfoWars amounted to its ‘Kristallnacht’. And it is breathtakingly horrific that so few are responding as though the house is actually on fire – WHICH IT IS. Most everybody is simultaneously sound asleep and out to lunch. The point that so few people are tripping over is that now the muzzle is being applied to America – openly and with no fear of reprisal.

Newspaper Industry Seeks Character Assassination of President

Wake up, people! Any hope of unfettered expression and solidarity amongst what is left of American conservatism is quietly being laid to rest. And a threat much greater than Vladimir Putin, a very present threat that is already at home here in our America, is about to have its way with us. The HATEFUL RACISM AND ANTI-SEMITISM OF A LOUIS FARRAKHAN IS ALLOWED TO STAY – while Alex Jones is shut out and told he is a speaker of hate. Right. Formerly free America is now at the mercy of the wishes and opinions of an elite few. The precursor to DESPOTISM. When do the book burnings start?

Over the past forty years especially, genuine, godly ‘right and wrong’ has been redefined into an evil counterfeit morality we call ‘political correctness’. And reactions and responses to that new morality have been reassigned – away from the oversight of genuine conscience to trendy hypersensitivity and hyperbole. Today, if you criticize a brutally misogynistic and murderous ‘religion’ for being brutally misogynistic and murderous, you will be condemned by the vast majority of people who willfully refuse to research enough to discover the truth of that ‘religion’s brutally misogynistic and murderous doctrine and practice. Suddenly demons hiding behind the term ‘religion’ are now gifted with a protected minority status. And the gasping outcry of genuine morality has been muzzled – silenced – because we have slept while the terms and rules were being changed.

‘Hate speech’ can become a crime if it results in criminality. Yesterday’s article in Canada Free Press, “Newspaper Industry Seeks Character Assassination of President …”, perfectly frames a cooperative police force of new, self-styled hate speech cops in operation. I wish the article could be required reading for every adult in the United States. Nevertheless, just like Nazi Germany, the new brownshirts of 21st century America, ‘antifa’ and other leftist ‘resistance’ clones, have effectively been issued a death warrant to be carried out against our president.

Who will be next?

The hit has been taken out by a group of ‘journalists’ who have rhetorically wound up a time bomb that America is currently too distracted (by all the pretty, lively boiling water) to notice. Nonsense like the travesty of a Mueller investigation has been nothing more than a shiny object to jangle in front of the eyes of sleepy citizenry who hear “Russian collusion” nightly as they doze off in front of their tvs. They believe there is something to it, because they don’t know any better. And all Mueller has to do is investigate and prosecute a few poor slobs in order to bankrupt and ruin them. When it all leads to nothing, Mueller will eventually issue an apology that will wind up a couple pages past the gardening section in the Times Sunday Supplement.

But the bottom line remains: There really is a well-established swamp in today’s American government. And because Donald Trump, who was never involved with our rotten government, is working to expose and drain the swamp, the establishment making up that swamp absolutely has to see him destroyed. America’s Constitution, the last hill, so to speak, that the ‘Trump Troop’ is certainly dug in for and sworn to defend. Our Constitution is the last bastion of assured freedom for the struggling swarm, globally, who will otherwise languish beneath the wannabe oligarch dictators. There are a host of vying Clintons and Obamas clawing for the New World Order that will make the world safe for their dreams of floating on the cream of people who have no future hope of independence or freedom.

I can easily imagine a Hillary or Barack calling their leftist online mogul-friends and selling or calling in favors in order to finally put an end to bigmouth Alex Jones. “We can do it now! All you guys have to do is make the move!” And, viola! Who will be next?Source: Canada Free Press