May 20, 2022

WATCH: Assassination Attempt Made On Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Reports Suggest.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survived an apparent assassination attempt on Saturday when several drones armed with explosives were detonated near the socialist leader in Caracas.

The assassination attempt was made while Maduro was speaking at an anniversary event for the nation’s National Guard. ABC News reported that the explosions “near the presidential area and along the parade route occurred, Jorge Rodriguez, the Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information, said on Venezuelan state television.”

“This was an attempt against the president,” Rodriguez said. “They failed and will continue to fail. He is in perfect health and shape.”

ABC News notes that Rodriguez signaled that approximately seven people sustained injuries from the blasts and are receiving treatment at a hospital.

The Daily Mail reports that three firefighters near the scene, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, claim that the explosion was not from drones but came from “a gas tank explosion inside an apartment.”

Maduro claimed that the explosions were part of an assassination attempt financed by Columbia and said that arrests had already been made and an investigation is underway.



Source: The Daily Wire