September 29, 2020

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?


“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”  – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

These words could not be any more relevant today than they were back in Nazi Germany.  Today, the American People are suffering from a tyrannical usurpation of “power”.  Those who are guilty of its inception and perpetuation come from “all sides of every aisle”. We have been electing individuals to represent us believing they are genuinely going to represent “our” interests but find out once they get elected, whether an R or a D or even an I are next to their names, they serve other interests and had always intended to do so. And it is not necessarily their personal interests, but mostly the interest of “their” masters, who fund them and place them in government through the power of their special interest influence – primarily monetary.

Michael Waltz and John Ward are those candidates who are here NOT to represent the interests of the People of Congressional District 6 but the interests of their masters in Washington DC – those special interests who rule the Congress and the Judiciary of the United States, the big power people whose interest is the destruction of the United States and the U.S. Constitution, and the surrender of American Sovereignty to a World State.

It is very clear where Michael Waltz is coming from. Not only is he on the top-10 list of the most arrogant individuals this writer has ever met, he is not truly forth-coming as to the “real” ideology he lives by.  He claims to be a conservative. He is not. He is a Neo-Conservative.  Neo-Conservatism is an ideology that promotes the idea and furthers the cause of International Communism (Globalism/Internationalism as it is known today). Neo-Conservatives are not on the right side of the political spectrum, they are on the left. Neo-Conservatism and International Communism are synonymous.

To illustrate, Michael Waltz is listed on the roster of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 2011.  The CFR was created to establish in their words a World Government, along with the many international roundtable sister groups such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs and other international globalist think tank groups around the World.  They are very active in serving the interests of the United Nations.  The CFR and ALL of its members have embraced Cecil Rhodes’ and David Rockefeller’s utopian opioid con. That con is that nation states are to become obsolete because national sovereignty in their perverted minds is the root of social ills… that the only way World peace could be obtained is by the creation of a World Government.

ALL foreign policy, with some rare exceptions, over the last 70+ years has come from the Council on Foreign Relations, everything from WWII, to Vietnam to NAFTA to the Patriot Act to all those policies that bind us more and more to international authority.  This is Michael Waltz.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the global think tank Michael Waltz serves as Non-Resident Senior Fellow, is active in this effort. So if the People of District 6 elect Waltz, who will Waltz really be serving? International interests?  Do you think? Although Waltz’s bio does not appear on that website anymore, His bio was there just a few weeks ago!

One of the key leaders in that foundation is former General Michael Hayden, also former director of the NSA, who stated openly at a John Hopkins University Symposium in 2014 that “we kill people based on meta-data“. Meta data is being collected on every single American today and is being stored in the NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah that can be accessed at any given moment for any given reason to use it to “kill people” as Hayden put it. We the People can be killed (figuratively speaking in this example although Hayden meant it in real terms) by simply having something we said –  in a private setting 20 years ago in jest –  show up when applying for a job such as the United States presidency…  sound familiar? Why is Michael Waltz so aligned with such a Deep State hack?

We have to ask ourselves this question: why do we want a Deep State operative or a banking operative to represent Congressional District 6?  We have to remember, he has a background in intelligence AND understands “active measures” (Aktivnyye Meropriyatiya in Russian) well… he publicly uses the term.  He must know full well the average person does not understand the term.  Active Measures is psychological warfare.  Given his background, would he not use his skill to deceive voters? Especially now with the 2013 repeal of the Smith-Mundtz Act, making it legal to propagandize the American People?  Is this kind of operative, who has been serving the interest of his global masters for most of his career really going to represent We the People in District 6?  He is deeply plugged into the anti-Trump Washington Neo-conservative establishment. His financial support from Bill Kristol, a Neo-conservative is a big clue. We have to remember, it was Bill Kristol’s father, Irving Kristol who was the godfather of Neo-conservatism.  Irving Kristol’s book “Neo-conservatism” is a dead giveaway. It was Irving Kristol who said in 1995 “I regard myself lucky to have been a young Trotskyite, and I have not one single bitter memory“. Irving Kristol also stated in “Reflections of a Neo-Conservative” in 1983 that “a conservative welfare state is consistent with neo-conservative perspective”. According to an article in July/August issue of Foreign Affairs, the key publication of the Council on Foreign Relations,  “The other important influence on neoconservatives was the legacy of Trotskyism… Many of the founders of neoconservatism, including The Public Interest founder Irving Kristol and coeditor Nathan Glazer, Sidney Hook, and Albert Wohlstetter, were either members of or close to the Trotskyist left in the late 1930s and early 1940s….   What both the older and younger neoconservatives absorbed from their socialist past was an idealistic concept of internationalism…  The neoconservatives also got their conception of intellectual and political work from their socialist past.”  It was Bill Kristol who stated that “because Obama has turned on his own statements about war in order to promote the Libyan incursion, Obama is now a born-again Neo-Con“.  Trotskyism is the ideology of Leon Trotsky, a ruthless russian Marxist who was instrumental along with Vladimir Lenin in bringing about the Russian Revolution of 1917.

In essence the hard left and the Neo-Conservatives share the same ideology of Marxism with one exception, some on the left believe in Communism within borders, while another camp of the Left AND the neo-conservatives believe in “international Communism” i.e. “Globalism”. Michael Waltz’s campaign website reeks of Neo-conservative thought disguised and covered with conservative sugar coating. Some of the rhetoric on his website speaks as if we have impending war on the horizon. He states also in his literature: “IN AN EMERGENCY, Michael Waltz is the Leader We Need!”  Does he know something we don’t? History shows that all wars are dialectical in nature. Wars do not begin by two groups one day getting mad at each other and deciding they want to go to war. War has always been carefully crafted and skillfully planned in advance, even to the point of setting up the trigger for it, as was the case with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which sparked WW1.  Michael Waltz is a Green Beret, and he know this. He really thinks the People of Congressional District 6 are stupid. District 6 has Mr. Waltz’s number and John Ward’s as well. It is Waltz’s global masters who need a leader like Michael Waltz in Congressional Distruct 6, or even John Ward for that matter, since John Ward represents “the interests” of the Federal Reserve! The People in Congressional District 6 do not need a leader like Michael Waltz, they need a representative!  Waltz’s leadership rhetoric is pure propaganda.

Also, Waltz was special advisor for South Asia and Couterterrorism for Neo-conservative master Dick Cheney.  Dick Cheney openly stated, in a presentation he made one time at the Council on Foreign Relations, that he did not tell his constituents in Wyoming that he was a member – and at one time a director in the CFR – when he was campaigning for re-election. He and the crowd laughed over it. It was Jonathan Gruber who said, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter, whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical to get that thing to pass. And you know … I wish Mark was right we make it all transparent but I’d rather have this law than not…”  Deception is a tactic in psychological warfare … “Active Measures”, which is the term Michael Waltz publicly uses.  According to KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, Active Measures basically means, “To change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves or their families, their community and their country…”  There is more but to explain it in depth would require an article itself.

Joining the CFR is not as if you can sign up, pay your dues, and you are now a member.  According to the CFR website, “Candidates must be nominated in writing by a current CFR member and seconded by three to four other individuals“. So it’s clear they hand pick their members whom share CFR values.

Waltz’s name does not appear in the 2017 roster.  It doesn’t have to. Dick Cheney hid his ties and allegiance to the CFR from his constituents.  What makes us think Waltz won’t hide his? Once a member always a member in substance.  Once you enter the Hotel California, you never leave.

The slogan on the Foundation for Defense of Democracies  “Fighting Terrorism and Promoting Freedom” is a misnomer.  It is stated through the lens of “World Peace” which means “Global Government”.  President Trump made it clear that “Americanism, not Globalism, will be our credo“.  So how is it that Waltz’s practice of the “spreading democracy” (a Neo-conservative doctrine) align with President Trump’s No Globalism agenda? It cannot and does not. The language in reality is deceptive.

Also, according to the biography on Michael Waltz previously on the Foundation for Defense of Democracies website (the biography has since been removed from the website), it stated that he is “CEO of Metis Solutions, which provides strategic analysis, policy development, intelligence support, and commercial development to U.S. government customers worldwide.  Michael is Co-founder and Partner of Askari Associates, an International consulting firm that provides strategic advice and consulting to foreign governments and commercial entities…”  The Metis website states that, “METIS can deploy Subject Matter Experts (SME), Intelligence Analysts of all types, and Operational Advisors to provide a wide variety of capabilities and expertise anywhere in the world for the United States Government, prime government contractors, and commercial clients.”  He provides services for the US Government, US government customers and provides policy advice to foreign governments? Whose interest is he serving???

Clifford May, founder of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies is an International Patron of the Henry Jackson Society, a neo-conservative foreign policy think tank. According to the Henry Jackson Society, it “Supports a ‘forward strategy’ – involving diplomatic, economic, cultural, and/or political means – to assist those countries that are not yet liberal and democratic to become so.” Is also states that it, “Stresses the importance of unity between the world’s great democracies, represented by institutions such as NATO, the European Union and the OECD, amongst many others.”  It also states that it, “Gives two cheers for capitalism. There are limits to the market, which needs to serve the Democratic Community and should be reconciled to the environment.” And totalitarian Michael Waltz wants to claim he is conservative being associated with these foundations??? They are all truly for Global Government! And Michael Waltz is far from conservative, much less Constitutional.

And with regard to the Second Amendment, Waltz states on his campaign website, “I have carried a rifle and a pistol for most of my adult life, and fired both in defense of every American and myself.”  This is the lamest excuse for a position on the Second Amendment.  What he is saying is that he has discharged weapons.  Big fat deal. Many have done so heroically, not just him.   Waltz’s 2nd Amendment statement says nothing with regard to his position on defending the vicious “disarmament” efforts America is currently experiencing at this time in history.  Disarmament is one of the major objectives of the United Nations, the disarmament of every nation and the concentration of military and police powers in the hands of that World State.   It is clear his shallow statement, along with his positions with hard left Globalist think tanks,  paints a picture that indicates Waltz is against the idea of an armed electorate.  There is a glaring omission from his official statement on the Second Amendment.   That omission is that the 2nd amendment enumerates the unalienable right of a free people to be armed in order to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.  It could not be more obvious that he does not support the Second Amendment as originally intended by our Founding Fathers. If he did he would say it.  This can only mean that he is a supporter of only the military and law enforcement being armed, which means he supports a “police state”, a neo-conservative position.  All this should send chills down the spines of the American People with regard to Waltz’s position on an armed electorate!!  He knows the original intent of our Founding Fathers, but he obviously disagrees with them!  The Council on Foreign Relations is the hatchet arm for the United Nations in furthering Gun Control (aka disarmament) among other Globalist agenda items such as “The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development”.

We cannot afford to weather more of the same Marxism that is prevalent in our society today coming from “all sides of the aisle”.  President Trump is God’s intervention in America holding back the wrath of the Globalists who are rabid enemies of the American system and the American way… the way of a FREE PEOPLE.  They wish to return us to system of a RULING CLASS, while the rest of us, the victims, suffer under their hand as they drive us to the concentration camp and gulag of Internationalism.  The only way we can stop this is to elect “constitutional conservatives”, which Waltz and Ward are not … as has been pointed out.  We must go to the wheel itself, as Bonhoeffer put it and destroy the efforts of the Global Masters of Waltz and Ward who are desperately seeking to capture Congressional District 6. Are we prepared to take a risk with these evil men? This author is not. The consequences of the People losing control in this district are detrimental to the fight for the restoration of the “People’s” liberty.

This idea of Global Government is being pushed on the American People quite strongly, especially in K-12 education.  If the idea of a World Communist system, which is what Globalism/internationalism really is, does not strike grave concern in the American People, we as a People must re-evaluate our knowledge of it and look to the history of Communism to see what we are to expect from such a deadly and evil system.

This author will not question Waltz’s pro-life stance but Waltz is still pro-death when he serves the interests of internationalists who have openly stated their demand to reduce world population by billions, in which war and abortion are a big part of that agenda, as is compulsory sterilization of the masses worldwide as argued by John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich over 40 years ago in their book “Ecoscience, Population, Resources, Environment”. These ideas are on the top of the list for the CFR and its sister organizations worldwide.

This is just a glimpse!   There is much more to say on the topic of Michael Waltz and John Ward, both servants of their global masters in Deep State and Banking.   Those global masters are interested in Congressional District 6 and Volusia County because of this District’s position in favor of President Trump.  According to these Global masters, President Trump must be destroyed and they are on a war path to do so which is why they parachuted Waltz and Ward into this district to rob us of our representation in Washington. The globalists want Trump’s head. They need operatives like Waltz and Ward to help deliver.

As Americans, in this case Congressional District 6, we have to begin to discern the difference between good and evil, between real and “counterfeit”.  Both Michael Waltz and John Ward are counterfeit conservatives. They look, feel and appear to be, but when you look closely and discern them, they are far from Constitutional. We must drive a spoke into the wheel itself, the wheel of the “Deep State operations” by not allowing the global masters to take control of Congressional District 6.  Let us not let them, whom Waltz and Ward serve, have their way.