July 30, 2021

Can Obama please, please shut up already?

Barama’s out giving speeches again, this time about how the Trump economy owes to his (Obama’s) policies, and the stock market is booming because of him (Obama), and unemployment is down because of what he (Obama) did.  As he drones, we hear about his fave topic – himself – repeatedly, just like when his wife was a prisoner in the White House.

This sort of thing is understandable in a way, because any comparison of the Obama and Trump eras, juxtaposing who did what for the country, goes 100% in Trump’s favor.  So one can almost sympathize when ol’ Burrocky’s sensitivities get rubbed raw and for consolation he does what he does best.

Which is talk.

Everything about Obama is talk.  Talk, talk, talk.  Work them mandibles, stir everybody up, all against all, everybody angry.  If it stalls, talk some more.  If it runs out of hand, talk.  Talk!  In sonorous tones with commanding mien, in prompted prose with practiced gestures and stylish turns of the head, in measured this and cadenced that, yak on!  Talk about guns and knife fights, and getting up in faces, and accosting diners at repast.  Stay at it.  Never stop.  Keep it up, from here to eternity and beyond…

Obama, give it a rest.  Give us a rest.  Cease and desist.  Just please don’t say anything more.  Be quiet!  Shut up.  SHUT.  UP.

Source: American Thinker