September 29, 2022

Facebook Continues Censorship of ‘Warriors for Christ’ Page, Pastor Says.

Pastor Rich Penkoski, who runs the Facebook page “Warriors for Christ” has voiced his concerns with Facebook officials about the consistent removal of his live videos.

Pastor Penkoski says Facebook is censoring his live videos for being critical of same-sex marriage, but the social media says it doesn’t know why his videos are expiring.

Penkoski told The Christian Post on Friday that about two-thirds of his live videos in the last couple of month,  specifically videos where he criticizes same-sex marriage and transgender issues, have not stayed published on the Facebook page.

A Facebook spokesperson told CP on Friday that after a review, it was determined that there was no glitch in the system and that the videos Penkoski brought to Facebook’s attention did not violate Facebook’s community standards. If they had, she said, Penkoski would have received a notification telling him why his video was removed.

Penkoski believes that Facebook employees are monitoring his videos and making sure they are expired after he’s done recording. However, the Facebook spokesperson shot down that claim.

Taken and adapted from: The Christian Post