February 28, 2020

Kavanaugh vs Ford


All members of the Judiciary Committee, Democrats and Republicans alike, are quick to say Christine Ford is very believable. The same goes for most so called conservative commentators and reporters including Hannity, Ingraham and Piro. They repeatedly express their empathy and sympathy for Ford. However, not a single Democrat and the liberal media even come close to say Kavanaugh is believable too. They declared him GUILTY even before the hearing started.

Where is it written that women never lie, but men always do? What about Hillary Clinton? How can anyone believe Ford when she has not provided ANY corroborating evidence, only blurry recollection of the event, but solid assurance Kavanaugh was her attacker? Kavanaugh has provided plenty of corroborating facts about his innocence, but not a single Democrat will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Democrats can believe as they wish, so next is what I believe. CHRISTINE FORD IS NOTHING MORE THAN A WHITE TRASH LIBERTINE LIAR FROM THE DEEP STATE WHO HAS BEEN RECRUTED TO DESTROY KAVANAUGH. HER ONLY REDEEMING QUALITY IS THAT SHE IS A GOOD ACTRESS. Why wasn’t she asked questions like why didn’t you say anything for over three decades when you had ample opportunities to say so? How many sex partners did you have in High School and college? What is a nice 15 year-old doing at drinking parties attended by older boys and young men? How many parties did you attend? Considering your life’s history, jobs and political beliefs why is it not possible you just wanted to hurt Judge Kavanaugh? The likes of Hannity, Ingraham and Piro among many are very smart and well educated, thus they cannot believe Ford is telling the truth without ANY corroborating evidence. They are just being gutless and politically correct. Democrats are simply repeating the same decades old allegations that worked to defeat Judge Roy Moore. Democrat will do it again and again. I do not recall any of the famous self-proclaimed conservatives DEFENDING Roy Moore.

Republicans are very STUPID to fight the enemies within (Democrats) and the enemies from abroad already within our borders by being tolerant, nice, respectful, fair, politically correct and always playing DEFENSIVE. It is about time Republicans take the OFFENSIVE, and ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. Republicans need to dig up dirt on Democrats and expose it every chance they get. No war or conflict is ever won on defense, but on a strong and constant OFFENSE until the enemy is completely destroyed as we did against the Germans and Japanese in WWII. The enemies of America today are the Democrats (Communists), the RINOs, Islam, China, the liberal media, Hollywood, Academia, the Deep State, Big Tech monopolies, and the millions of invading foreigners whom we allow in to our detriment.  There is nothing wrong with PUTTING AMERICA FIRST as Trump has been saying before and after his election. We must attack all enemies and support Trump, Kavanaugh, Scott and DeSantis because that is all we got.