September 19, 2021

Fans say Archie looks ‘just like dad’ as young royal makes his first official outing


One’s spitting image! Pictures reveal Archie’s astonishing resemblance to father Prince Harry when he was a baby

  • Baby Archie dropped in on Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town today 
  • Accompanying Duke and Duchess of Sussex on his first official royal tour 
  • Fans instantly compared grinning four-month-old with his dad’s baby photos
  • On Twitter, many said they were shocked at just how close the resemblance is 
  • One remarked pair ‘could be twins’ while others said Archie has ‘Meghan’s eyes’ 

By Jo Tweedy For Mailonline

Published: 06:52 EDT, 25 September 2019 | Updated: 15:33 EDT, 25 September 2019

Baby Archie’s debut on his first royal official tour has left fans staggered by just how much he looks like Prince Harry did as a baby.  

The cooing four-month-old showed off his happy disposition while visiting the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation in Cape Town this morning, joining the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their first tour as a family of three.

As the adorable shots emerged of Archie, who was born on May 6th, royal fans were quick to point out the facial similarities between Prince Harry as a baby and his young son. 

And according to the prince, little Archie is posing up a storm, as the royal told Desmond Tutu’s daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxash: ‘he’s used to it [the cameras] already’. 

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Here’s looking like you dad! Royal fans were quick to point out the close resemblance between baby Archie, four months, who’s currently on an official tour of South Africa with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry as a baby

Prince Harry learning to crawl in Kensington Palace as a baby; many remarked that Archie has the ‘same nose and mouth’ as his dad as photos of the young royal emerged enjoying his visit to Cape Town today

Blue genes: Twitter was quickly awash with comments on the close resemblance between a baby Prince Harry, pictured above at Kensington Palace around his first birthday, and his new son Archie 

Archie has the ‘same nose and mouth’ as his dad observed many on Twitter as photos of the young royal emerged enjoying his visit to Cape Town today. Right, Prince Harry pictured with Prince William at Kensington Palace as a baby

Royal fans took to social media in their droves this morning to remark on how similar the Duke of Sussex as a baby looks to the photos of Archie from today’s visit to Cape Town

On Twitter, many shared baby photos of a blonde-haired Harry pictured at around the same age, saying the pair ‘could be twins’. Others said the super-cute royal had his ‘mother’s eyes’ but his father’s ‘nose and mouth’. 

Royal fan @Ava42 wrote: ‘It is crazy how much he looks like Harry as a baby.’ 

@americankat62 agreed, writing: ‘Archie is so beautiful!! Harrison, oh yes! He is Definitely Harry’s son! He almost looks like a mini me. I think he has Duchess Meghan’s eyes!! Gorgeous!’ 

This morning, Meghan joked with the Archbishop’s daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxashe that the little royal would have have to get used the the cameras in his life, while Ms Tutu Gxashe joked little Archie was ‘going to be a ladies man’.

The Archbishop’s daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxash told Meghan: ‘I have cameras in my genes.’

Meghan replied: ‘He’s an old soul’, while Harry added: ‘I think he is used to it already.’

The Archbishop’s daughter also joked: ‘You like the ladies. He’s going to be a ladies man.’ 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took son Archie with them to have tea with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife on the third day of their whirlwind tour of South Africa

Babes in arms: Prince Harry pictured with his mother Princess Diana in Italy in April 1985. Right: Archie snuggles up to mother Meghan Markle in Cape Town, as Prince Harry looks on

The Archbishop’s daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxash told Meghan: ‘I have cameras in my genes.’ Meghan replied: ‘He’s an old soul’, while Harry added: ‘I think he is used to it [the cameras] already’

Archbishop Tutu, 87, spent half and hour with the couple and Archie at the historic premises of his ‘Legacy Foundation’ in Cape Town, the Old Granary – a restored 200-plus-year-old edifice built by slaves.

He greeted the royals with laughter with his daughter Thandeka Tutu Gxashe, CEO Desmond Tutu Desk campaign – which creates portable desks for schoolchildren.

The foundation is the global rallying point for the now retired archbishop’s values in respect of people and the earth.

Harry and Meghan are on a 10-day visit to Africa with Archie; the prince is expected to leave his family to travel to Botswana.

He will also visit Angola and Malawi over the coming days before he is reunited next week with his wife and child in Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, Meghan will visit mothers2mothers, an Africa-based charity that trains and employs women living with HIV as community health workers.

She arrived in South Africa laden with children’s clothes, books and other items for the charity – presents donated to their son Archie.

At another event the duchess will meet 12 inspiring female entrepreneurs when she visits the UK-SA Tech Hub.

The hub focuses on skills development, capacity building, mentorship and access to markets by helping entrepreneurs, particularly women, with resources and support.


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