September 20, 2021

Hannity on whistleblower report: ‘Key facts, details don’t matter’ to the media mob

Sean Hannity ripped the media, in particular, The Washington Post, for reporting whistleblower allegation that President Trump made an unspecified “promise” to a foreign leader.”We don’t know any details of the allegations. We don’t know which world leader was referenced. Nobody has a clue what the so-called promise was,” Hannity said on his television show.  “Naturally, nobody else in the media that is now echoing what the Washington Post says ever decided to independently verify these unknown claims on their own that this unknown individual is making.”WHISTLEBLOWER COMPLAINT, REPORTEDLY ON TRUMP’S ‘PROMISE’ TO FOREIGN LEADER, TOUCHES OFF DC FIRESTORMDetails surfaced regarding a whistleblower early Thursday in a Washington Post report. But many specifics remain unclear including the identity of the foreign leader. The Post reported late Thursday the complaint involved the Ukraine.The host ripped the new revelation.”Maybe [the Ukraine] will give us information that they said that they want to give us, that we have not taken yet about their influence in the 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton,… or maybe they’re going to tell us, oh, why they really gave in to Joe Biden’s pressure basically leveraging a billion of our taxpayer dollars,” Hannity said.Hannity continued to bash the Post and it’s owner, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos”We do know that key facts, details don’t matter to this mob,” Hannity said.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX  NEWS APP”Now that’s what we saw today, what is a rage psychotic level of speculation hysteria on nearly every single solitary network over what is one sketchy story with no details, no specifics from Bezos’ Washington Post,” Hannity declared.
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