September 28, 2021

Senate passes measure urging Trump officials to hand over whistleblower complaint | TheHill


The resolution urges the administration to hand over the complaint and states that the Senate and House Intelligence committees “should be allowed to evaluate the complaint in a deliberate and bipartisan manner consistent with applicable statutes and processes in order to safeguard classified and sensitive information.”

The administration has so far refused to hand over the whistleblower complaint, which has led to mounting scrutiny of the president.

The complaint is said to be tied to Trump’s conversations with a foreign leader and is reportedly related to Ukraine.

Schumer argued that the only reason to block the resolution Tuesday would be if lawmakers are trying to protect Trump from “accountability.”

“The only reason for any senator to object is to shield the president’s conduct,” Schumer said.

Under Senate rules, any one senator can ask to pass a resolution and any senator can object.

“Stipulating that our objective here is simply to conduct the kind of bipartisan oversight of intelligence matters that the committee has successfully conducted in the past, I have no objection to the senator’s request,” McConnell said. 

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