September 23, 2021

Biden snaps at reporter over Ukraine question, tells media to focus on Trump instead

Former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter Friday after being asked whether his son Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine — while the elder Biden was diplomatically involved with the country as vice president — represented a conflict of interest.“It’s not a conflict of interest. There’s been no indication of any conflict of interest,” Biden said while at a Service Employees International Union forum in Los Angeles.RUDY GIULIANI SLAMS BARACK OBAMA, SAYING EX-PRESIDENT COULD HAVE STOPPED ANY POTENTIAL BIDEN-UKRAINE ‘CONFLICT’The reporter then asked if Biden’s son’s work created the appearance of a conflict of interest — prompting Biden to attempt to shift the focus to President Trump.“I’m not going to respond to that,” Biden said. “Focus on this man. What he’s doing that no president has ever done. No president.”“I’m not going to respond to that. Focus on this man. What he’s doing that no president has ever done. No president.”— Joe BidenBiden told reporters he and his son had not discussed Hunter Biden’s business in Ukraine when reporters asked about a photo of the two Bidens taken at a golf course with one of Hunter Biden’s former Ukrainian business partners. Again, Biden turned the conversation to Trump.“This is the guy that’s unhinged,” Biden said about the president. “He is unhinged. I worry about what he’s going to do — not about me or my family. I’m worried about what he’ll do in the next year in the presidency, as this thing continues to rot on his watch.””The American people know me, and they know him,” he added.”He is unhinged. I worry about what he’s going to do — not about me or my family.”— Joe BidenHunter Biden served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was vice president. Trump and fellow Republicans have questioned Biden’s role pushing for the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who had been looking into corruption at the company (though the prosecutor was viewed by officials in several countries as being corrupt himself).There has been no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden or his son in Ukraine.Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry last week regarding a July phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine during which Trump asked him to investigate Biden and his son’s ties to the country.CLICK HERE FOR THE ALL-NEW FOXBUSINESS.COMBiden has slipped in the polls recently but is still one of the top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination.Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report. 
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