September 20, 2021

Democrats ‘leaking like mad’ in impeachment inquiry and ‘it’s working,’ Brit Hume says

House Democrats leading the Trump impeachment inquiry have been able to boost their cause by leaking details of closed-door meetings, according to Brit Hume.”The Democrats with this impeachment issue — they’re winning,” Hume claimed Wednesday on “The Story.””This proceeding behind closed doors with a multitude of leaks coming that all point basically in the same direction, which is ‘Trump’s guilty’, have been pouring out of these behind-closed-door sessions.”TRUMP WARNS ERDOGAN IN LETTER: ‘DON’T BE A TOUGH GUY. DON’T BE A FOOL!’Hume pointed to an ethics complaint previously filed against Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., for allegedly leaking classified information related to the Russia investigation as a reason why Republicans have not been sharing as much information.More from MediaIn March 2017, Nunes held a news conference in which he discussed viewing intelligence reports in which the names of Trump associates were “unmasked” by then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice in the final weeks of the Obama administration. Nunes then controversially went to brief President Trump on the information before meeting with the Intelligence Committee.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPTo that effect, Hume said, Republicans routinely do not like to “leak” sensitive information and especially so after Nunes created a firestorm — in which he was later cleared of all allegations by a House Ethics Committee panel.”Republicans seem afraid of something like that, yet the Democrats are leaking like mad and it is working,” he said.He also pointed to Fox News Polls and other surveys showing increased support for impeachment.Fox News’ Samuel Chamberlain contributed to this report.
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