September 27, 2021

Lib Dems leapfrog Labour in new poll disaster for Jeremy Corbyn


Brexit disaster for Jeremy Corbyn as the Liberal Democrats leapfrog the Labour Party into second place in new general election poll while Tories keep the top spot and take 11 point lead

  • New survey conducted by YouGov puts the Conservative Party on 34 per cent
  • Labour were second but Jeremy Corbyn has now been leapfrogged by Lib Dems
  • The poll puts Lib Dems on 23 per cent while Labout is back on 21 per cent 

By Jack Maidment, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline

Published: 06:31 EDT, 2 October 2019 | Updated: 12:27 EDT, 2 October 2019

Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a fresh Brexit set back after a new poll showed Labour had been overtaken by the Liberal Democrats.

The latest survey conducted by YouGov puts Jo Swinson’s party in second place overall on 23 per cent. 

Labour has been relegated to third, two points behind the Lib Dems, on a total score of 21 per cent. 

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party remains way out in front on 34 per cent. 

The poll findings are likely to spark alarm at Labour HQ because the party would hope to be buoyant after its annual conference in Brighton last week. 

But it appears that the party’s bitter row over Brexit and resolution to remain neutral on the issue at the next general election may have harmed its popularity with voters.   

A new survey conducted by YouGov puts the Tories on 34 per cent while the Lib Dems are now in second place with Labour relegated to third place

The Tories have been on an upward swing since September 10 when YouGov put the party on 32 per cent. 

The Conservatives have gradually creeped upwards to their most recent rating of 34 per cent which is just below the 35 points recorded at the start of September. 

The fieldwork for the latest poll was conducted on September 30 and October 1. 

While the news is positive for the Tories, it is not for the Labour Party which continues to struggle. 

Labour recorded a recent high of 25 per cent at the start of September but the party has been largely sliding since then, falling four points to its current rating of 21. 

But the Lib Dems have gone the other way after Ms Swinson committed her party to revoking Article 50 and cancelling Brexit. 

At the start of September the party was on just 16 per cent but it has steadily climbed to its new rating of 23 per cent. 

The new YouGov poll represent a major boost for Jo Swinson with the Lib Dems having overtaken Labour. She is pictured in Westminster at the end of September

In YouGov’s last poll, conducted on September 26-27, Labour was on 22 points and the Lib Dems were on 21. 

Labour has dropped a point while the Lib Dems have gone up by two points. The Tories have gone up one point. 

Meanwhile, the latest YouGov poll puts Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party on 12 per cent, one point better than it recorded on September 3. 

The Green Party is in fifth place overall with five per cent of the vote.   


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