September 25, 2021

Officer stops car with bizarre BUBBLES bulging out of its front tyre when driver is on school run


Officer stops car with bizarre BUBBLES bulging out of its front tyre as driver dropped their children at the school gates

  • Derby Public Protection Officer stopped driver on the school run on Monday
  • Officer spotted several bulges on their front tyre which could be dangerous
  • Council shared images on Twitter, leaving hundreds shocked and baffled at tyre
  • Bulge can appear after driving with flat tyre, bumping curb or going over pothole

By Bryony Jewell For Mailonline

Published: 12:56 EDT, 1 October 2019 | Updated: 05:00 EDT, 2 October 2019

Traffic officers were left baffled after they spotted a car with a front tyre covered in strange bubbles, while the driver was on the school run.

A Derby City Council Public Protection Officer stopped the motorist on Monday as they dropped their children off at the school gates and took the car to a nearby garage.

In pictures shared by the force thirteen bubbles of various sizes can be seen all over the driver’s side tyre.  

When sharing the shocking images, officers also warned of the possible danger and reminded others to check their cars and make sure they were roadworthy. 

Derby Public Protection Officer stopped the motorist while they were on the school run on Monday after an officer, pictured, spotted several bubbles in the sidewall of their front tyre

TeamPPODerby tweeted: ‘Good Spot Officer! Whilst on patrol PPO 9712 witnessed this car on a school run.

‘When it was safe to do so 9712 advised that the car came off the road and into a garage close by.

‘New tyre now fitted. Perhaps his actions saved this driver from a costly repair – or worse!’

Hundreds of people responded to the tweet, with many being shocked that the person had been driving their children in the vehicle.

One person commented: ‘How the hell has anybody got into a car and driven it with those tyres’

While another said: ‘Who gets to their car (on the school run!) looks a that tyre and thinks ‘nah it’s fine’. The bloody school run!!’

The Public Protection Team shared two pictures of the tyre and ‘advised that the car came off the road and into a garage close by’

Derby Public Protection Team tweeted the about the bubbly tyre and received hundreds of responses

Others were completed baffled by the tyre, saying: ‘I believe I speak for all car people when I ask “What the hell happened there?”‘

And one person wrote: ‘More bubbles than an aero bar. Shocking.’ 

Greenflag say that bulges can appear when the materials within the tyre’s tough sidewall have been weakened.

Once a bulge, or bubble, has appeared it could blow and possibly cause a driver to lose control of the car.

One person was amazed that the driver had been doing the school run with the damaged tyre

Others said the car was ‘shocking’ and joked that it had ‘more bubbles than an aero bar’

A bulge can appear on either side of a tyre, so it is important to check both the outer and inner sidewalls regularly.

Bubbles can be caused by driving with a flat tyre – which causes part of the sidewall to slip – or bumping the curb or driving through a pothole, reports Your Mechanic.

They explained how the force of hitting a hard edge can pinch the tire against the rim, causing a bubble to form.  


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