September 26, 2020

Donald Trump Jr. on his clash with ‘The View’: ‘I don’t think they like me much anymore’

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on “Hannity” Thursday night to talk about his wild appearance earlier in the day on ABC’s “The View,” saying “I don’t think they like me much anymore.””You know, every once in a while you got to try. You gotta try to speak to everyone. Hopefully they listen,” Trump said, after the host asked him why “he even bothered.”  “In that case, they didn’t.”‘THE VIEW’ SILENT ON JOY BEHAR’S RESURFACED BLACKFACE PHOTO WEARING ‘BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN WOMAN’ COSTUMETrump’s appearance on “The View” began with co-host Joy Behar rattling off a ist of President Trump’s mishaps and controversial moments when Trump Jr. reminded the panel that “we’ve all done things that we regret.”“We’ve all done things that we regret. Joy, you have worn blackface,” Trump Jr. said at one point during the contentious segment.Trump also sparred with co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman and Sunny Hostin.”You think if you were there to promote a book, they’d ask you one question about the actual book,” Trump lamented, pointing out he was featured in three segments of the show.Trump defended himself from criticism after Tweeting the Ukraine whistleblower’s name, blasting critics.”I wish they would have shown a little bit of the same amount of outrage when my family opened up a white powder substance in an exploding envelope that showed up at my house,” Trump said. “These guys are full of it, Sean.”Trump, who was promoting his new book in Birmingham, Alabama and had a live crowd behind him during his appearance on “Hannity”, also blasted Hunter Biden and his father former Vice President Joe Biden.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Hunter Biden is getting boards of companies and languages he can’t speak, in companies he knows nothing about,” Trump said. “Why are you there Hunter?””Well, I know why you’re there. I think everyone in America knows why you’re there,” Trump said, prompting at the crowd to applaud.Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.
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