August 15, 2020

Trump asked what he learned from impeachment trial, response goes viral

President Trump was asked Wednesday what – if anything – he learned after enduring a Senate impeachment trial that put his presidency on the brink and he responded that he found out that the Democrats are “crooked” and “vicious.”ROGER STONE’S JURY FOREPERSON’S ANTI-TRUMP TWEETS SURFACEThe reporter introduced the question by pointing to some Republicans who said they hoped Trump would learn a lesson during the process.Trump has long insisted that Democrats – after failing with the Mueller report – simply concocted a new scheme to remove him from office.He told the reporter that he learned that Democrats are “crooked” and “vicious.” He also said they miscalculated and said he is now polling “10 points higher.”Democrats accused the president of holding up military aid for Ukraine and essentially using it as an incentive to get Kiev to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter and his business dealings in the country. Trump’s detractors said Trump was hoping to find dirt on the Bidens that could damage the elder’s chances in 2020. Neither have been accused of wrongdoing.GET THE FOX NEWS APPTrump has maintained that there was never any quid pro quo and he was simply the subject of a flawed political witch hunt.
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