January 26, 2021

President Trump Message of Cuban Independence Day

Donald J. Trump | The White House

President Donald J. Trump

On May 20, 2020, almost 600 Hispanics across the nation, including my wife Haydée Prado de Varona, Coronel (ret.) Juan Armando Montes, and I were invited to participate in a White House conference that lasted over one hour. President Trump spoke of his efforts to open the economy and his optimism that it will recover. The President talked about his fight against the invisible enemy the Wuhan coronavirus. He spoke that today was Cuban Independence Day and his efforts to bring freedom to Cuba. The President also said he had been honored by the Association of Veterans of the Bay of Pigs Assault Brigade 2506 with an award (It was the insignia of the Brigade) during the final months of the 2016 presidential campaign.

I was honored to be selected to present the insignia of the Assault Brigade 2506 to Donald J. Trump along with Vicente Blanco and Humberto Díaz Arguelles on the day that we endorsed him for president. I was Office Manager of the West Dade Trump Victory Office and had recruited over 200 volunteers.

The head of the Small Business Administration Jovita Carranza and the Chair of the Task Force on the Coronavirus Dr. Deborah Birx gave us a briefing. Five Hispanics asked

President Trump questions and made comments.

Earlier President Trump issued the following statement:

“On Cuban Independence Day, we recognize the patriots who fought to liberate Cuba from its colonial oppression and build a society founded on freedom. We continue to stand with the Cuban people as they seek those fundamental rights, and we express our commitment to supporting them as they continue to fight for freedom and democracy.

The United States has historic ties to the Cuban people and remains in solidarity with the millions who have fled the oppression of Cuba’s tyrannical regime in search of a new life. Cuba’s people deserve a government that promotes individual liberties, basic human rights, and opportunities to prosper.

Frank de Varona (@frankdevarona1) | Twitter

The Cuban model represents failed socialism, and we will continue to ensure that Cuba does not export its repression anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. That is why I took action early in my Administration to implement a strong policy toward Cuba that promotes respect for human rights, free markets, and a transition to democracy in Cuba. America will keep working with our allies and partners in the Western Hemisphere to bring stability, religious liberty, cooperation, and a freer future to the great people of Cuba.

Today, we celebrate the many contributions of Cuban Americans to our American story, and we pledge to continue working with them to secure a better tomorrow for Cuba.”

We will continue to support President Trump in his re-election in November 2020. We do not want to live in a socialist America. We want to live in freedom under a free market economy. I am certain that President Trump will work hard to restore our economy and continue to Make America Great!