September 28, 2021

AR Gov. Hutchinson Urges ‘National Leadership’ on Face Masks


Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) urged an example be set by our “national leadership” on wearing masks to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Hutchinson said, “I don’t support a national mask mandate. I think the states are addressing this. We took the steps that we needed to in Arkansas. Jared’s taking the steps that he needs to do in Colorado. It’s important that they set the national standard. For example, the president said he wears a mask. That’s important.”

He continued, “We need to wear a mask, that example needs to be set by our national leadership. But let go ahead and make the point that Congress needs to work together. What I didn’t hear before was that the Democratic Congress wants to work with the Republican Senate to come up with a compromise position that will help the states in terms of testing and education, and they can do that if they work together. That’s what we do as governors. There’s a partnership there, a lot of help coming from the federal government, not a time to be a critical. It’s a time to work together.”

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