September 19, 2021

Democrat Sen. Merkley: Trump Wants ‘Riots Across America’ Using ‘Secret Police’ Tactics for Campaign


Appearing Wednesday on KOIN 6, Sen. Jeffrey Merkley (D-OR) accused President Donald Trump of wanting “riots across America” using “secret police” tactics to boost his re-election campaign as federal law enforcement agents move to quell ongoing riots in the Democrat-controlled city of Portland.

HOST: I know you were just on the floor of the Senate and you talked about the inspector general investigations that you want into all of this. What’s the status of those and do you think those investigations will begin?

SEN. JEFFREY MERKLEY: Senator Wynden and I have led the delegation in asking the inspector generals to investigate — that is both the inspector general of the Department of Justice and of Homeland Security.


There is now concern across the nation because President Trump, after bragging about attacking Portland in a campaign appearance, proceeded to say he wanted to do the same thing in Baltimore, in Philadelphia, in New York City, in Detroit, in Chicago, and in Oakland. He’s trying to create riots across America through secret police tactics as a campaign strategy. And I want all of America to understand what he’s up to. It’s absolutely unacceptable and we the people, as a democratic republic, have to stand together, every citizen, for the civil rights of all.

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