September 17, 2021

Drew Holden comes up with plenty of examples of CNN ‘filling your evenings with terror,’ just like Fox News


As Twitchy reported earlier today, CNN’s Brian Stelter quoted the Washington Post’s Paul Waldman as saying, “If you’re a Republican, there’s an entire cable network devoted to filling your evenings with terror.” Stelter, who has a book about Fox News coming out sometime soon, tweeted that he wished that were an overstatement, “but it’s not.”

Plenty disagreed that there was only one cable news network peddling terror, but Twitchy favorite @neontaster, citing a CNN piece about political strategists becoming “increasingly alarmed” about a post-election crisis, called for Drew Holden to get on the case and put together one of his receipt-filled threads:

Yo @DrewHolden360 – I think a thread is in order.

— Noam Blum (@neontaster) July 25, 2020

Ask and you shall receive:

@brianstelter, if you’d like to know a thing or two about news media fearmongering, may I introduce you to @CNN, just in the last twenty four hours?

To start, we have more “dire warnings” about…polar bears.

But that isn’t all of our 24-hours-of-fear 🧵thread🧵

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

You may have heard that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic.

Despite death rates decreasing compared to when it ransacked the northeast, @CNN has conveniently focused on the stories of those who died since reopening.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

Surely the choice to do that isn’t connected to the desire to **shut down the entire country** right?

Because @CNN sure seems to have thoughts on that one.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

And don’t forget about how scary things are for our latest protected class, teachers. @CNN has a lot on them, as if they’re the only group who are back at their jobs.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

I mean really @brianstelter. A lot.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

@CNN ripped a page out of The Atlantic’s book to talk about experiments with children and life and death.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

@CNN bringing @NYGovCuomo on to talk about “government incompetence” would be funny if it weren’t for the thousands of nursing home patients he killed.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

“Strongest storm on the planet” seems a bit unnecessary for a storm whose strength is supposed to diminish and whose risk is likely to be minimal, no, @CNN?

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

And don’t fear, Brian. There’s more fearmongering yet. This one talks about “a pandemic of hate” against Asians while traveling despite 1) the fact that we haven’t supposed to be traveling and 2) there’s no statistical support for this claim. @CNN

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

A guy who wrote a zombie book with a “sobering message to scientists” because I guess it gets hard to fill time slots in a 24 hour media cycle.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

And last but not least, Orange Man Bad is invading American cities, to hear @CNN tell it.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

Of course, they bring on Mayor Jenny Durkan, who had to shut down her city’s “summer of love” after two teens died of gunshot wounds, to sound the alarm about “dangerous escalation” in Portland.

Anyway, this is a dumb example of the pot calling the kettle black, which sure seems like @CNN and @brianstelter’s bread and butter these days.

— Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360) July 25, 2020

Good of you to point that out to him.

He only watches Fox normally.

— Schmuck Chumer (@rlf_ss24) July 25, 2020

Fear and disgust keep the ad dollars flowing.

— Neapolis Media Group (@NeapolisMG) July 25, 2020

Did you consider what this thorough and detailed take down would to to Brian?

Did you have any consideration about how bunched up his panties would become? Are you trying to scare off the last of his remaining hair follicles? #potatolivesmatter

— Ryan Brown (@ReallyRyanBrown) July 25, 2020

Yet another epic thread from Drew. This time owning that clown Stelter 🤣🤡

— AmericanOptimist (@AmericanOptimi1) July 25, 2020

they told us 20 years ago the Polar bears would be gone by now.

— Rani ~~ ~ Last of the Red Hot Boomers 🧨 (@MilitaryRosary) July 25, 2020

Seals are PISSED.

— matt dooley (@mdooley) July 25, 2020

except polar bear populations are higher than ever. they get away with it by having the word “could” in there – not even “likely or unlikely”. It’s not even news – it’s just a BS statement that any jerkoff can make.

— Justin “By-The-Book” Cody (@PakkonenHybrid) July 25, 2020

CNN really needs to update their propoganda

— Hi 🌙⭐ it’s gonna be alright (@lcarb4all) July 25, 2020


Not great, Brian.

— Jarvis (@jarvis_best) July 25, 2020


Brian Stelter trips over CNN in rush to help WaPo writer point out ‘there’s an entire cable network devoted to filling your evenings with terror’

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 25, 2020

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