September 25, 2021

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard info LIVE: Aquaman valuable person denies Elon Musk affair as she claims Depp used to be 'completely delusional and crazed'


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Amber Heard has taken the stand for the second time after telling London’s Excessive Court docket that Johnny Depp “explicitly threatened to raze” her “repeatedly”.

The Aquaman valuable person, 34, is continuous her proof in her ex-husband’s libel case against The Solar’s editor Dan Wootton and the paper’s creator Facts Community Newspapers (NGN).

This day, the 11th day of the blockbuster trial, Ms Heard is being puzzled over 14 allegations of domestic violence, which NGN depends on in its defence of an April 2018 article which branded Mr Depp, 57, a “companion beater”.

This morning, the 34-yr-feeble accused the Pirates of the Caribbean valuable person of being “delusional and crazed” and “negative the complete lot in his pathway” in the future of a strive against in Would possibly maybe 2016. She also denied rumours of affairs with actor James Franco and billionaire Elon Musk, who supplied to put together “24/7 security” to present protection to her.

Mr Depp denies the claims and says it used to be she who used to be violent in direction of him. He has accused his ex-companion of “building a file” of groundless allegations as an “insurance coverage coverage for later”.

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2020-07-20T07: 25: 15.860Z

Facts Community Newspapers expected to search info from skilled proof about whether images of Amber Heard’s injuries were ‘manipulated or edited’

Sooner than she begins her proof on Monday morning, Mr Justice Nicol is at possibility of hear an utility by NGN for permission to name skilled proof about whether images it looks to be exhibiting injuries to Ms Heard – speculated to bear been precipitated by Mr Depp – bear been “manipulated or edited” in some means.

Ms Heard is also at possibility of face questions over allegations that she used to be having an affair with actor James Franco and Tesla founder Elon Musk while in a relationship with Mr Depp, as well to claims that she “intentionally smuggled” two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, into Australia illegally in April 2015.

2020-07-20T07: 30: 00.000Z

Amber Heard expected to colour damning portrait of ex-husband as a ‘jealous person’ who ‘doesn’t appreciate girls’

Aspects of Ms Heard’s look assertion, which bear been heard in initiate court docket, order Mr Depp “attacked me different times, on many different times” and used to be a “jealous” person that “doesn’t appreciate girls”.

She also says Mr Depp precipitated her “valuable injuries” and, as soon as in a while, led her to “fear for her life”.

NGN’s attorneys affirm that, when Mr Depp “didn’t manipulate his alcohol and substance abuse”, he “grew to turn out to be his rage and frustration on Ms Heard, berating her and launching into a diversity of vile, coarse and unreasonable accusations”.

The creator also alleges: “On such times, Mr Depp’s aggression in most cases descended into physically unfavorable behaviour, including the use of violence against her.

“His ‘companion beating’ behaviour integrated throwing objects at her, slapping her all over the face, kicking her, piquant her around the throat and dangerous to raze her.”

2020-07-20T07: 34: 21.203Z

Remaining week the court docket heard Amber Heard “hid” violent abuse by husband Johnny Depp from her chums and entourage

The 34-yr-feeble recorded herself talking to her extinct interior designer, Laura Divenere, after taking public her claims of domestic abuse against Depp.

“It’s no longer your fault, you didn’t know”, Heard tells Ms Divenere. “I hid it from all people.. it’s what other folks assemble.”

Ms Divenere had made a assertion in assist of Depp in the US, but told Heard she had been “pressurised” into signing it and insisted it used to be no longer the truth.

“I knew what used to be going on”, Ms Divenere said. “You’ve been living this total nightmare for four years straight.”

The 19-minute recording used to be performed on the Excessive Court docket this afternoon as Ms Divenere gave proof by videolink from Los Angeles.

2020-07-20T07: 44: 00.000Z

Johnny Depp confided in a childhood friend that Amber Heard “likes to hit” in the early section of their relationship, the Excessive Court docket heard remaining week

Artist Isaac Baruch, who has acknowledged Depp since they were childhood, claimed the actor spoke to him in 2013 about his interior most life with Heard.

In his proof to the libel trial, Mr Baruch said Depp had told him: “I don’t know what to assemble – she likes to argue and she likes to hit.”

Mr Baruch said he pressed for exiguous print and used to be told: “She fair correct desires to argue about stuff on a novel basis after which she’ll initiate hitting me.”

The artist said he used to be “extra or much less stunned” by the records, asking if Depp used to be relating to “sportive hitting” but the valuable person continued: “She argues after which she’ll fair correct initiate punching me and desires to strive against, I will strive to halt her but she fair correct keeps going to the purpose the place I fair correct halt making an are attempting to halt her and inform ‘OK, walk forward assemble your worst, win it out of your system.”

2020-07-20T08: 02: 11.383Z

Amber Heard made “faux” allegations of domestic violence against Johnny Depp to “extort and blackmail him”, a lengthy-standing friend of the actor told the Excessive Court docket remaining week

Isaac Baruch, an artist who has acknowledged the Hollywood valuable person for 40 years, said Mr Depp told him that Ms Heard “likes to argue and likes to hit” and said: “I’m no longer gonna hit her, I esteem her.”

Giving proof by video-hyperlink from the US on Friday, Mr Baruch said he saw Ms Heard’s face and didn’t peek “a single sign” on Would possibly maybe 22 2016, the day after Mr Depp, 57, allegedly threw his ex-companion’s cellphone at her and hit her in the face.

Mr Baruch – who lived rent-free in one of 5 penthouses in the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles owned by Mr Depp – described the Hollywood valuable person as an “ubermensch” and “an remaining fair correct guy”.

He also told the court docket that Mr Depp called Ms Heard, 34, a “c” in a textual mutter to him “which strategy of she filed for a pretend domestic violence affirm to push her hand and extort and blackmail him”.

2020-07-20T08: 27: 43.153Z

Artist Kaya Mar holds an artwork depicting Johnny Depp and Amber Heard initiate air the Excessive Court docket in London on Monday

It comes as Amber Heard is as a consequence of present proof against her extinct husband.


2020-07-20T08: 58: 18.970Z

Amber Heard smiles as she arrives on the Excessive Court docket

The Aquaman actress has arrived on the Excessive Court docket in London the place she is as a consequence of face three days of questioning about her relationship with extinct husband Johnny Depp.


2020-07-20T09: 05: 00.000Z

Johnny Depp arrives on the Excessive Court docket

Actor Johnny Depp has arrived on the Excessive Court docket in London for a hearing in his libel case against the publishers of The Solar and its executive editor, Dan Wootton.


2020-07-20T09: 20: 00.000Z

Amber Heard enters the look field on the initiate of her proof

Wearing a cream blouse and dim pencil skirt, with her lengthy hair braided to 1 side of her head, Ms Heard affirmed her oath earlier than being taken to her look statements in the trial bundle by Sasha Wass QC, for NGN.

Ms Heard is as a consequence of face three days of questioning over her relationship with Mr Depp.

2020-07-20T09: 20: 42.850Z

One of Johnny Depp’s attorneys has been accused of sending threatening messages to 1 of the witnesses in the case, Laura Divenere, after she gave proof on Friday

Adam Wolanski QC, for The Solar, this morning highlighted a Tweet from Adam Waldman, a US attorney, which be taught: “In memoriam, Elon Musk’s decorator Laura Divenere.”

“We in truth feel that is extremely unfortunate and macabre, it’s threatening”, he said.

David Sherborne, for Depp, said the phrase ‘In memoriam’ has been frail for months when “Ms Heard’s lies bear been achieve to bed”, and used to be no longer supposed as a possibility by Mr Waldman who is in the court docket’s public gallery. He said it used to be aimed at Ms Divenere when she is asserted to bear been caught out no longer telling the truth.

Mr Justice Nicol warned it’d be “fairly spoiled” if tweets about the case would be considered as threatening, adding: “Witnesses who give proof in this trial must in truth feel they are going to assemble so without possibility of being threatened.

2020-07-20T09: 39: 24.090Z

Eleanor Rules QC suggests to Amber Heard that she had “remaining assist watch over in the connection”, to which Ms Heard said: “No, fully no longer.”

Ms Rules said: “You took the foremost choices in the connection.”

Ms Heard replied: “No, I had very little resolution-making energy in that relationship.”

Ms Rules then requested about the 5 penthouses in the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles which Mr Depp owned, and said to Ms Heard that she “moved some chums and your sister in”.

Ms Heard replied: “No longer exactly.” She added that her sister, Whitney Henriquez, did transfer into one of the valuable penthouses and that her friend Raquel Pennington did so “at his invitation”.

Ms Rules continued: “And it used to be you who wished them there.”

Ms Heard replied: “Sure, I beloved that they were there.”

Ms Rules requested: “And none of them paid any rent?”

Ms Heard said: “No, Johnny wouldn’t let them.”

2020-07-20T09: 50: 26.820Z

Amber Heard tells court docket of incident the place Mr Depp knelt on her back in a resort room

Eleanor Rules requested Amber Heard about the couple’s marriage in February 2015, saying: “At that stage, in step with you, you had been subject to repeated and unique physical violence, is that correct?”

Ms Heard replied: “Sure, that’s correct.”

Ms Rules then requested Ms Heard about discussions with attorneys in January 2015 a pair of pre-nuptial agreement between herself and Johnny Depp, and instant there used to be an argument about it.

Ms Heard told the court docket: “There used to be an argument in a resort room in Tokyo that resulted in Johnny kneeling on my back and hitting me on the back of the head.

“He talked about… it used to be extra about Christi his sister, who handled most of his affairs.

“He said it used to be Christi, that he didn’t desire that, that he relied on me and, as he said to me time and time again, the true means out of this used to be loss of life.

“He said this to me, to which I responded that for sure I’d signal whatever I wanted to signal. Nonetheless then Johnny used to be also accusing me of getting an affair with a co-valuable person and that is what resulted in the true argument.”

She said Mr Depp hit her in the resort room and that “the complete lot else proceeded in the closet”.

2020-07-20T09: 59: 38.410Z

Ms Heard tells court docket Mr Depp ‘didn’t are making an are attempting to be the spoiled guy’

Eleanor Rules then reiterated Amber Heard’s resolution that Johnny Depp didn’t in truth desire a pre-nup, to which Ms Heard responded: “I mediate Johnny, no no longer up to from my expertise, had a in truth onerous time… inserting forward himself if he felt that would make you’re feeling poorly or badly about him, he would strive to assist a long way from it.

“He did this a lot with his younger other folks, I saw him assemble it with other other folks… he didn’t are making an are attempting to be the spoiled guy, in some ways, he used to be allergic to that.”

She said Mr Depp would repeat her it used to be his sister who wished the pre-nup and that she requested for a meeting with Christi (Dembrowski) and told her she would rent a lawyer, which she did.

Ms Heard said the lawyer worked on a draft of an agreement and it used to be sent to Mr Depp’s crew by Christi.

She added: “As a outcome of this we didn’t bear to bear a strive against about it which strategy of he wasn’t claiming it used to be one thing he wished, he said time and time again that he would wander it up, that the true means out of this used to be loss of life.”

Ms Rules then requested why the pre-nup used to be never signed, to which Ms Heard said that it used to be left on Mr Depp’s “crew’s” desk and “no-one did anything else”.

Ms Heard added: “I did the complete lot I may maybe maybe to make particular that that we’d be in a position to win married at the moment.”

She said the proof of Mr Depp’s doctor, Dr Kipper, that Ms Heard had tried to transfer the bridal ceremony date used to be “unsuitable”.

2020-07-20T10: 02: 29.900Z

Ms Heard said in a sworn assertion to the court docket that Mr Depp “threatened to raze me repeatedly”

The Aquaman actress said in a assertion to the court docket launched on Monday that she suffered from coarse violence by the hands of her extinct husband.

“Some incidents were so severe that I was skittish he used to be going to raze me, either intentionally or simply correct by shedding assist watch over and going too a long way,” she said in the assertion.

“He explicitly threatened to raze me repeatedly, especially later in our relationship.”

2020-07-20T10: 22: 04.020Z

Ms Heard says she supplied “time and time again” to signal pre-nup

Eleanor Rules then be taught out textual mutter messages sent between Johnny Depp and Christi Dembrowski in February 2015, shortly earlier than the bridal ceremony, which referred to getting Amber Heard to signal a pre-nup.

The court docket heard Ms Dembrowski told her brother to win an agreement earlier than the pair married, which strategy of “50% of post-nups never win signed”.

Ms Rules said: “He did desire a pre-nup, didn’t he?”

Ms Heard replied: “I had no thought. He told me he didn’t. What Johnny told me is that he would perceive it up and that the true means out of this used to be loss of life.

“He told me this time and time again and I supplied time and time again to signal whatever it used to be that he or his crew wanted or wished.

“I made it very obvious from the early days… that I was no longer in Johnny’s money, I never had been, I never used to be.”

She added: “He’s having this dialog with Christi which strategy of he wasn’t having it with me.”

Ms Rules requested: “You didn’t signal the pre-nup or any pre-nup, did you?” Ms Heard said: “No.”

2020-07-20T10: 30: 34.766Z

Amber Heard denies having ancient previous of substance abuse of alcohol or tablets

Eleanor Rules then started asking Amber Heard about her use of “correct and unlawful” tablets and, relating to her look assertion, said: “You offered yourself in fairly a dishonest means.” Ms Heard said: “No.”

Ms Rules requested: “Discontinue you be wide awake the suggestion that your ingesting and taking of controlled tablets used to be no longer in any means toxic?”

She also referred to Ms Heard’s look assertion, in which she said she “wouldn’t take cocaine at all in case you were with Mr Depp” nor would she “drink to excess”.

Ms Rules said: “I counsel that they are all lies… one and all of these assertions by you is a lie, isn’t it?”

Ms Heard said they were no longer.

Ms Rules took Ms Heard to a scientific existing written by a nurse, Erin Boerum, who wrote that Ms Heard had “a ancient previous of awe” and had suffered from an eating dysfunction and ADHD.

Ms Heard replied: “That’s a mistake.”

The existing also said: “AH reports a ancient previous of substance abuse, including addiction to cocaine and liquor.”

Ms Heard said: “I in truth bear never had an eating dysfunction, I in truth bear never been identified with bipolar, I in truth bear never had a ancient previous of substance abuse or (of) liquor.”

She added: “Each my oldsters were alcoholics.”

2020-07-20T10: 34: 56.053Z

Amber Heard ‘feared Johnny Depp would raze her’, libel trial hears

Hollywood actress Amber Heard feared Johnny Depp used to be going to raze her as he repeatedly told her “loss of life used to be the true means out of the connection”, she told the Excessive Court docket right this moment.

The precious person, 34, claims Depp used to be an abusive and controlling husband who on a novel basis attacked her while excessive on tablets or inebriated, punching her, pulling her hair and throwing glass bottles at her.

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2020-07-20T10: 35: 45.250Z

Amber Heard claims she used to be saved “sedated” by a vary of medicines prescribed to her by Johnny Depp’s doctor

“Johnny’s doctor had me on a lengthy checklist of medicines. They were continuously being updated and modified”, she said. “I may maybe maybe barely retain.”

Heard said she has been taking narcolepsy remedy for a in truth very lengthy time, but Depp’s doctor achieve her on different other tablets.

“They were to assist me sedated, accrued”, she said. “To assist my body from responding to the sphere I was living in.”

2020-07-20T10: 37: 05.886Z

Amber Heard claims “controlling” husband Johnny Depp accused her of getting affairs with co-stars and wished to perceive about all intimate scenes

“I needed to justify to him why I was doing any movie, and it used to be grand worse if there used to be

any kissing or a intercourse scene in it”, she said.

“He would enlighten every male actor used to be making an are attempting to sleep with me and/or that I had had an affair with them, that he’d spoken to other folks and knew all about it.

“He would strive to protect shut me out by taking my phone or telling me someone had told him I was having an affair and act as if he had info proving it – after I in truth hadn’t. “He accused me of getting affairs with every of my co-stars, movie after movie: Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Costner, Liam Hemsworth, Billy-

Bob Thornton, Channing Tatum; even girls co-stars esteem Kelly Garner.

“He also accused me of getting affairs with stars I auditioned with, esteem Leonardo DiCaprio. He would taunt me about it – especially when he used to be inebriated or excessive – and had derogatory nicknames for one and all of my male co-stars he regarded as a sexual possibility. “As an illustration, Leonardo DiCaprio used to be “pumpkin-head”, Channing Tatum used to be “potato-head” and “Jim Turd Sturgess”.

Heard also claimed that Depp frail racist slurs about unlit other folks and Mexicans when accusing her of getting affairs.

She added: “He would also name directors I was working with on space or after he saw the movie lower to complain about nudity or how I was portrayed.”

2020-07-20T10: 40: 00.000Z

Ms Heard claims Depp took away her automobile as he sought to manipulate her actions, leaving her feeling esteem a “wild horse in a cage”

“He as soon as took my automobile without asking me – my Mustang – explaining that he used to be going to win it mounted for me as a gift. As soon as it used to be long gone, he insisted that his drivers and handlers take me in each place,” Ms Heard told the court docket.

“He had tried to enlighten on this earlier than, but after he took my automobile, it used to be harder to withstand. I didn’t bear a automobile for the next three and a half years.

“Over time it became evident that this used to be one of the valuable ways in which he would be taught about and assist watch over the place I was.”

Heard said Depp insisted on her having security guards and claimed they’d “affirm back to him about the place I was always”.

“Johnny didn’t esteem that I wished to protect my independence”, she said. “I mediate he saw some of this as long-established behaviour which strategy of he considers himself as an feeble-customary guy, a gentleman he would inform.

“He takes different pleasure in that and in searching for to “perceive after” his woman. This used to be section of that. I don’t mediate that he in truth respects girls, he likes ones that validate his ego, spirited ones.

“He doesn’t esteem extremely effective girls, and he saw me as a sort of, especially in direction of the halt. I be wide awake describing it to a legit friend on the time as feeling esteem a wild horse in a cage, it used to be as if he wished to interrupt me.”

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