September 20, 2021

Karl Rove: Biden’s ‘lazy’ responses on coronavirus ignore what’s already being done by Trump


Karl Rove said Thursday that former Vice President Joe Biden’s coronavirus response strategy sounds much like President Trump’s, despite the Delaware Democrat’s consistent attacks on the incumbent.

Rove told “The Daily Briefing” that he watched Biden’s interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid, and characterized the presumptive Democratic nominee’s responses as “lazy.”

Rove said Biden launched several rhetorical barbs at Trump but gave little or no original substance as to how he would handle the pandemic differently than the current president.

“He just took [Trump] apart from top to bottom, using a lot of adjectives and verbs [but] nothing specific,” he said.

Rove said Reid followed up by asking what he would do differently than Trump.

“I was taken by the lazy response that Biden had,” Rove remarked, presenting his trademark whiteboard with a list of things Biden said he would do, and adding that Trump has already done or is working on those things:

“He said … we need to use the Defense Production Act – President Trump used that March 27 to force GM to produce more ventilators. [Then he said] we need more tests. [We had] 796,000 tests yesterday,” Rove continued.


“He said we ought to wear masks. Well, on April 3, the CDC and the White House coronavirus task force recommended we all wear masks – We need to provide help for businesses. Well, in the CARES Act on March 27, they put nearly $660 billion of mostly forgivable loans to small businesses.”

Rove said Biden’s comments about vaccines and nonpayment of COVID treatments, to him, echoed Trump’s own response.

“Here’s a guy that wants to be president – a softball question: ‘What would you do differently?’ All six of the things he says are exactly what this current president is doing.”

This post originally appeared on and written by:
Charles Creitz
Fox News