September 19, 2021

These officers used to terrorise immigrants. Now they go after US citizens | Maeve Higgins

Long before US Customs and Border Protection agents targeted Portland moms, they stalked immigrant communities. This escalation is no surpriseThe sight of unidentified federal officers in full camouflage aiming guns at protesters and press in Portland this week chilled many of us to the bone. They teargassed the crowd, shot stun guns, beat people over the head and body and made 43 arrests.Safe in the White House, Donald Trump vowed to send these shadowy forces on to other cities too. When the militia were later revealed to be US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers, I felt less shocked but more worried, because long before they targeted sweet- looking moms locking arms in backpacks and bike-helmets, these same men spent many years terrorizing immigrants. Continue reading…
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Maeve Higgins
The Guardian 2020-07-23 10:18:00