September 18, 2021

Watch: Barack Obama Bows to Joe Biden Before Blasting Trump


Barack Obama is already treating Joe Biden like a world leader, as he was seen bowing to the presumptive Democrat nominee in a teaser video.

The Biden campaign released an excerpt of a “streaming special” featuring Biden and Obama:

44 + 46


— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 22, 2020

The video shows the two exiting separate motorcades and entering a building, before departing in separate elevators, just moments apart.

In the elevator lobby of the office, Obama bowed to Biden before the two were seen tag-teaming attacks on Donald Trump in an apparent taste of what’s to come on Thursday.

Obama made waves early in his presidency when he bowed to world leaders, which many saw as a sign of submission.

In 2009, Obama visited the Japanese Emperor and bowed to nearly a 45-degree angle:

That same year, Obama offered a similar accentuated bow to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia:

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