October 13, 2021

2020 CORVETTE STINGRAY: America’s Supercar Gets European Makeover…

OMG. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 is fantastic. I don’t think I can take many more surprises this year.
The eighth generation of America’s Sports Car since 1953, and the first to put the engine behind the driver, the “C8” Stingray ($58,900 base price, $82,925, as tested) is quick, it’s slick, it looks like my secret anime avatar on the outside and some impossible, blue-sky concept car on the inside. The hand-wrapped leather interior included in the 3LT package ($11,950) rivals anything in Lambo’s supply chain. I couldn’t be more taken off my feet if GM CEO Mary Barra knocked on my door, offering to mow my lawn.
The C8 is not perfect; later on I’ll say how. But first let’s celebrate the W. A grateful nation says, Boo-yah.
It may strain diplomatic relations with Italy, however. Built on a spaceframe of aluminum extrusions and diecast chassis nodes; shrouded with composite and aluminum body panels; poised over aluminum double-A arms with coil-over magnetic dampers; and cogged with a dual-clutch transaxle (DCT), the Stingray’s anatomy resembles that of the Ferrari 488 GTB ($330,000). The 488 is more power-dense and prettier, for sure. But, taking all things in balance, the Chevy beats the snot out of it.
Main Street seems to like it. On Saturday, my neighbor rented an inflatable waterslide for his kid’s birthday. By the time I parked the Z51—a performance upgrade package that includes a throatier, two-stage exhaust system—eight wet little kids were dancing on the hot asphalt around the car, eyes wide.

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