October 19, 2021

GOP Diversity Night Was All Tip and No Iceberg

the wrong path on inclusion and diversity for decades and on Monday night America saw the results as a lineup intended to highlight the party’s diversity instead exposed how little of it there is. 

The night opened with Charlie Kirk, the 26-year-old white founder of Turning Point USA and one of the most divisive, and angriest figures in America. As the night went on, the party trotted out regular, everyday citizens to spotlight its supposed diversity, but they lost me when they spotlighted the man and woman who pulled loaded weapons on peaceful Black and brown protesters marching outside of their home. 

In the end, Diversity Night turned out to be the biggest joke since Infrastructure Week, as an overwhelmingly white, male party tried to put its best foot forward with former South Carolina Governor and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who’s Indian-American, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the party’s only Black senator. It was all tip, no iceberg. 

This post originally appeared on and written by:
Sophia A. Nelson
The Daily Beast 2020-08-25 04:27:00