October 26, 2021

McAuliffe: Only People Who Will Vote for Trump Are His Family, Campaign Workers


Wednesday on CNN, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said if the current trajectory in polling holds by the election in November, the only people who will vote for President Donald Trump are his family and staff.

When asked about former President Barack Obama campaigning for Joe Biden, McAuliffe said, “President Obama is one of the most popular politicians in the country. I put him right up there with his wife, Michelle Obama. Before the COVID crisis, he hit nearly 60% of Americans who said he was a better president. I think it energizes folks. I think for independents, who greatly admired the work President Obama had done, for those independents out there, and other individuals who may have voted for Trump before said ‘Oh let’s give it a try.’ They saw what they saw with Obama and Biden and said we have to go back. So, there’s no downside. I think it just energizes folks.”

He added, “Look at the polling today but let’s be clear the election is more than 100 days away. Biden is leading everywhere. We can’t take anyone for granted. We got to run like we’re 20 points down. But the trajectory that Trump is on, the only people supporting Donald Trump are his family and those that work on his campaign. They’re pretty much the same people nowadays. There’s not a lot of movement for new Trump voters.”

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