October 13, 2021

Pakistani minister threatens India with nukes in ‘bloody last war’…

A PAKISTANI minister has threatened India with a nuclear attack in “the bloody last war” and says only Muslims will survive.
Sheikh Rashid made the threat of nuclear war, claiming that Pakistan has very precise weapons which are “small and perfect” and are able to target specific regions.
2Pakistani minister Sheikh Rashid made the threat of nuclear war against India this week2Rashid has previously claimed that his country possessed “125-250 gm atom bombs”Credit: Getty – ContributorThe federal minister warned that Pakistan will have no option in a conventional war and “if something will happen, it will be the end”, indicating a nuclear war of mass destruction.
“If Pakistan gets attacked by India, there is no scope for conventional war. This will be a bloody and nuclear war,” he said during an interview with Pakistani media channel Samaa TV on Wednesday.
Our weapons will save Muslim lives and will only target certain regions. Pakistani minister Sheikh Rashid
“It will be a nuclear war for sure. We have very calculated weapons which are small and perfect.
“Our weapons will save Muslim lives and will only target certain regions.
“Pakistan’s range now even includes Assam. Pakistan has no option in conventional war; therefore India knows if something happens, it will be the end”.
The Pakistani minister is known for making outlandish remarks.
Pakistan has previously threatened nuclear war against India with Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioning such a conflict on several occasions last year.
In August 2019, Khan said: “I want to tell (Narendra) Modi that our Army is ready for anything they do in Kashmir (PoK).
“The world should know that when two nuclear countries face-off, the whole world will be harmed. I tell this to everyone I speak with”.
In September 2019, Khan reiterated that the risk of a nuclear war, the radicalisation of Muslims around the world and a bloody uprising in the area will take place.
In the same year, Rashid had claimed that his country possessed “125-250 gm atom bombs” which may hit a targeted area in India.
Researchers simulated a simplified war and found between 50 to 125 million people could die if Pakistan struck Indian cities with 150-kiloton nuclear weapons in 2025.
India and Pakistan have fought three wars and a number of smaller conflicts against each other since independence from Britain in 1947.
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Only the 1971 war, which was over the liberation of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), was not caused by the so-called Kashmir issue.
Both countries, which began developing nuclear weapons in the 1970s, claim control over Muslim-majority Kashmir but only control parts of it.
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