October 26, 2021

‘Trained Marxists’: Morgan Zegers Talks About What She Thinks The Black Lives Matter Movement Really Stands For


Morgan Zegers, founder of the non-profit “Young Americans Against Socialism,” sat down with The Daily Caller’s Caitlyn McDuffee and explained how Marxism is connected to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Her non-profit “Young Americans Against Socialism” aims to inform young Americans about the dangers of socialism. (RELATED: BOZELL: The Real Story Of Black Lives Matter — Marxist, Anti-Family Radicals)


“A lot of people in America, most Americans, believe that black lives matter,” Zegers told the Caller. “But, the problem is an organization called Black Lives Matter is actually run by ‘trained marxists.’”

“When you look at the long term fight against socialism, the left appears to be very much entrenched in a generational battle. They are ready for the long run.” Zegers added. “ Unfortunately conservatives don’t see that,  so I am trying to, like, sound the alarm bell that there is a lot we have to do – there’s a lot we have to do still, there’s a lot of catching up to do.”

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This post originally appeared on and written by:
Caitlyn McDuffee
The Daily Caller 2020-07-31 19:39:00