September 23, 2020


Minnesota Poll: Virtual Tie in Presidential, Senate RacesAccording to Webster’s Dictionary a “Debate” is a noun which means 1. A discussion esp. of a public question in an assembly, involving opposite viewpoints.  2. A formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.  As a verb  it is 1. To engage in argument or discussion. 2. To argue or discuss a question in an assembly.

Those of us who took Speech in High School or College should remember that a debate consisted of two individuals or two teams and a moderator (a person who presides over a group event or meeting). His job was NOT to ask any questions, just to get the meeting started and be a time keeper and a referee as needed. That is a real debate.

Today we have INTERVIEWS or FAKE DEBATES. Everyone knows that today’s “moderators” are people in the news media who are liberal, dishonest, uninformed, misinformed and biased against conservatives and traditional American values. They will choose to ask loaded questions, got-cha questions, questions based on false premises and personal attack questions. They also take a long  time to set up their questions so they can express their personal views while trying to make you believe they are being objective.

Well, I do not care what someone from CNN or FOX  thinks or wants to say.  I care about what the Presidential candidates have to say, that is President Trump and Slow Joe.  Let Biden and Trump present their platforms, ask each other the questions, refute each other’s statements, argue with each other , attack each other and conduct a REAL DEBATE, not a FAKE DEBATE.

Let us kick the news media out and replace them with a single MODERATOR who acts as the time keeper and referee as needed. Nothing else is needed, just TRUMP, BIDEN and the time keeper/referee. President Trump and every Republican should DEMAND we have a REAL DEBATE, not a FAKE DEBATE. If conservatives agree that the MS Media is biased, why give them any more power to control the narrative in the debates? Take action or the Media will control you even more. Please share with everyone you know.