October 26, 2021

Scarborough to GOP: Push Trump ‘to Be Responsible’ on Coronavirus Pandemic


Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough called on Republican voters to make President Donald Trump take the coronavirus pandemic “seriously” and “stop lying to the American people” about when the country will reopen and mitigate the spread of the virus.

With the latest legislation to provide economic relief to Americans amid the ongoing pandemic stalling, Scarborough urged Republicans to push Trump “to be responsible” in handling the pandemic and push Senate Majority Leader (R-KY) to pass economic relief.

“Good Lord, the Fourth of July has come and gone, and it’s only getting worse,” Scarborough lamented. “And it’s only getting worse because you didn’t hold your president to account in March. Americans keep dying because you didn’t hold your president to account in March. Hell, you wouldn’t even start wearing masks until recently. Some of your governors wouldn’t let localities pass mask ordinances. What is that about? Right? You’ve screwed this up terribly. You’re probably going to lose the presidency and the United States Senate and the House.”

“So, here’s another chance,” he continued. “Here we are in early August — I’m going to try to help you again. I shouldn’t. I don’t know why I do. You know, people tell me, my problem is I care too damn much. Well, I really do. I care too damn much. So, here I am again telling you, do your job. Push the president to be responsible on the pandemic. Push Mitch McConnell to pass economic relief that will help struggling Americans — at least get a paycheck that will keep them in their apartment, that will keep their family in their townhome. That will save their American single-family home for a year.”

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