May 29, 2023

‘It Makes Me Sick’: Greg Gutfeld Blasts Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy Award While Trump Gets ‘Enmity’ Instead


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed society for rewarding and punishing people based on words rather than actions.

Using Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump as his examples, Gutfeld compared their responses to the coronavirus pandemic and the way they were treated in the media. (RELATED: ‘Turn Off The Damn Twitter Machine’: Greg Gutfeld Blasts Voters For Worrying More About Trump’s Words Than His Actions)


Dana Perino began the segment with a clip of Cuomo receiving an International Emmy Award for his daily televised coronavirus briefings.

” I wish I could say that my daily Covid presentations were well choreographed, scripted, rehearsal reflected any of the talents that you advance, they didn’t. They offered only one thing. Authentic truth and stability. But sometimes, that’s enough,” Cuomo said.

“Very humble, Greg,” Perino responded.

Gutfeld detoured slightly to address Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s suggestion that people report neighbors who disregard coronavirus regulations for holiday gatherings.

“I have to say sometimes people unintentionally reveal their major flaws. Governor Brown revealed that she has no friends or neighbors because no person would ever tell you to call the police on your neighbors. Neighbors never do that, because you have to still live there,” Gutfeld explained. “It’s not like you call the police on your neighbors and say there are 17 people at their Thanksgiving, and then you just move away. You are there the day after Thanksgiving and my God, you will pay.”

Gutfeld then pivoted back to Cuomo, saying that the way he was being treated compared to Trump was proof that life was not fair.

“So, you have one man that ushers in a revolutionary moon shot in terms of a vaccine that’s never been done before, and that will be a breakthrough that you can map all future vaccines on. He’s called evil. Right? Evil. Then you have a man indirectly affecting thousands of people, killing them, and he wins an Emmy,” he said, adding, “One gets enmity and one gets an Emmy.”

Gutfeld went on to concluded that the problem was in a society that judged people more on their words than their deeds. He argued that what Cuomo had done was not deserving of an award, but he got one anyway because his words were acceptable. Trump, he said, got the reverse because people didn’t like the way he spoke — despite his accomplishments.

“Those are deeds, and we don’t reward deeds, we reward words,” Gutfeld said. “There is no fairness in society, it makes me sick to my stomach.”

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Virginia Kruta
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