October 3, 2023

You Know There Was Industrial-Scale Election Fraud. What Can Be Done?

FACT CHECK: Did Seven Milwaukee City Wards Have Over 100% Voter Turnout?Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, and certainly do not believe the scores of fellow citizens who, under oath, signed affidavits and testified about the fraud those lying eyes witnessed.

Put this behind you.  Move on.  Just forget it.

But you can’t.

You probably want to, particularly as your spouse complains about how tense you seem these days.

Fraud is an ugly thing, even when it happens to someone else.  When it happens to you, or at least to the guy you were voting for, even if you did not like his tweets, it is a bit more personal.

Children are born with a fear of loud noises.  It is one of their only innate fears.  They do not fear hot stoves; they do not fear loaded pistols; they do not fear that pot of boiling water.  They learn about those dangers soon enough.

Children are also born with a sense of justice.  It is inherent, innate, in there somewhere.  Everyone, or about everyone, has it.  Angry voices make them cry.  Witnessing someone harming an animal is horrible to them.  It should remain so.  Something immediately angers a child when someone cuts in line.

That innate sense of justice, right and wrong, is why you remain tense and your spouse tells you so.  It is why you just cannot get over it.

There’s another reason.¬†¬†It is uglier.

When someone doles out a clear injustice, like stealing your stuff, breaking into your car, there is some finality.  You get the window fixed.  You get the stuff back or not.  It ends.

This 2020 election fraud thing is a bit different.

Sure, it runs against that innate sense of justice.¬†¬†You still believe what you saw on Election Night with swing states ‚ÄĒ only swing states ‚ÄĒ stopping ballot-counting as Trump was surging.

There’s that Atlanta video with the ballots under the desk, everyone sent home with a water main break proven to be fake.

There are those math geeks who show the possibility of event combinations that favored Biden happening were one in a bazillion.  Just too many zeroes to comprehend, but you know it is way worse odds than you winning the lottery three times in a row.

You cannot unsee that Joe Biden was in mental decay that had it been Trump, the press would have been demanding cognitive tests daily.

What’s really different about the 2020 election fraud is that it has such profound ramifications.¬†¬†It is not ending ‚ÄĒ the fraud is initiating the destruction of your worldview: of your faith and patriotism.¬†¬†It doesn’t have an endpoint.

The country as you know it is about to change in ways unimaginable to you a year ago.  This was not just an election; it was a change of course that may make your country unrecognizable in four years.  And you know it was stolen.

Well then prove it!

Frustration is overwhelming, because you cannot prove a thing.  You cannot prove what you saw, you cannot prove what you know, because the institutions with the video hide it.  The institutions with the voting data change their websites so data are no longer visible, and nobody does a thing about it.

The FBI won’t investigate because they are still hiding what they did to undermine the 2016 election!

Well, perhaps everything needed to prove 2020 election fraud is at hand.

OK, let’s go there.

What is the proof?  Aha, thought you got me there!

Signed affidavits, from a hundred people who witnessed fraud, in a binder may be evidence, but it is not proof.

Proof means people believe it, they get it, they know it in their heart.

Rudy and his Excellent Adventure Team brought up all sorts of evidence but never were able to establish proof.¬†¬†It was not their fault.¬†¬†They had evidence of all kinds, too many kinds, and so everyone heard some part of it, remembered less, and knew there was something askew, but it was…complicated.

Proof is a rhetorical phenomenon.¬†¬†That means it is something that persuades people that stuff happened.¬†¬†Let’s dig in.

Remember the paragraph about innate justice when a kid cuts in line.  The important part is that the child experienced it.  Experience is a key to persuasion.

Here’s a story.

In December, my team was contacted by some data geeks with official election data from one of the swing states.  It was a set of about 4 million records, mail-in and absentee ballots with all the supporting data.  They asked if we could do anything with it.

We are not election guys, and we have day jobs doing pretty cutting-edge stuff in technology, but we do love to play with data.  The bigger, the more complicated, the better.

We built a spreadsheet with about 4 million rows, one for each of the ballots.¬†¬†We saw a video some teenager did counting how many ballots were received before they were mailed out.¬†¬†That’s not a typo.

The U.S. Postal Service, which still finds letters from World War II in its system and piles of mail under bridges, delivered the ballots back to the state officials before they were mailed.  As tech guys, we did think this might be a new, disruptive technology, and we are still trying to recreate it.

So we ran the test on the data we were given.

Guess what!¬†¬†About 30,000 ‚ÄĒ more, I recall ‚ÄĒ ballots were received before they were sent.¬†¬†A bunch more, in the thousands, were sent and received the same day.¬†¬†You get the picture.

O.K., big deal.  We took an analysis some kid performed, and we did it, too, but with the most cutting-edge software out there, one that could create a 4-million-row spreadsheet that responded in less than a second.

Right.  Our analysis was not the eureka moment.

The eureka moment was when we created the SIMPLE BUTTON.¬†¬†We created a button that said “ballots received before being mailed.”¬†¬†It is just a button on the screen!

Some of our team, who may not even vote and certainly do not care a bit about election fraud, were amazed at how much fraud they experienced ‚ÄĒ by seeing it in live data.¬†¬†They touched the hot stove!

So we built a couple of more queries.  Ballots sent and received in 24 hours, 48 hours!

The effect was the same to everyone we let hit the SIMPLE BUTTON ‚ÄĒ everyone was blown away.

Now comes the fun part.

There are a lot of publicly available data out there, and there are many, too many for us to track down, excellent analyses of those data.  It is evidence but not proof.

We are reaching out to our contacts for anyone who has those data ‚ÄĒ or any publicly available data of absentee and mail-in ballots.¬†¬†Remember, some data were publicly available a few days after the election but now are behind a wall.

More data will become available as lawsuits proceed.  We want it.

It might be hard to check machine source code or run ballots through optical scanners to see if they were printed in Iran, but election data will eventually just come out.  They are, after all, public information.

We think there are tons of fun queries to build.

How’s “people who voted and do not live in the state,” or “people who voted and are dead”?¬†¬†Maybe “people who voted more than once”?¬†¬†And the real clincher: “people who voted and live in a vacant lot”?¬†¬†Using Google maps, we even show a photo of the empty lot, which is really cool.¬†¬†Who knows?¬†¬†You may be someone who says he lives at that address.

Running a SIMPLE BUTTON query does not generate a dead report.¬†¬†You actually see the data move around, and, bam, you get a spreadsheet ‚ÄĒ 4 million rows!¬†¬†Scroll down.¬†¬†You see every instance.¬†¬†You scroll to the bottom, and there’s the total ‚ÄĒ and a lot of the columns are enough to change an election outcome.

Experience turns evidence into proof.

We do not need Amazon or Google, and we are not losing any sleep about being deplatformed.  We are just fun data guys, with a lot of fraud investigation experience, doing entertaining data analysis.  After all, if there was no election fraud, there should be nothing to see.

If people can log onto a website, even those who want to question the data; hit a button to see not only how many dead people voted, but their names; see that vacant lot where 135 people claim to live, or the people who voted in multiple states ‚ÄĒ well, that is the way to relieve that frustration you feel.

So if you have data ‚ÄĒ public election data, non-confidential stuff ‚ÄĒ we are most happy to add it to the mix.

When we have enough of these queries built, we will bring up the system that we will call “Fun With 2020 Election Fraud” or something like that and let the world play with it.¬†¬†Experience the fraud that did not happen.

After all, who has anything to hide?  Nothing to see here, right?

Jay Valentine’s website is www.JayValentine.com.

Jay’s email is jay@ContingencySales.com.

Image: tom.arthur via Flickr, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0.