January 24, 2022

CNN’s Lemon, Cuomo Agree Republicans Pushing ‘Jim Crow 2’ Voting Laws


During their nightly handoff segment, CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo agreed that Republican lawmakers were forwarding voting bills that return to “Jim Crow.”

Cuomo said, “You and I have just aged 50 years, even more than what happened with the last administration. If we go back to Jim Crow-type laws in this country, you can’t give food and water to people waiting in line to vote. You can’t vote on Sundays.

Lemon said, “Souls to the polls.”

Cuomo said, “Ten times the amount of minority voters as non-minority on Sundays. That’s just the beginning. That’s just in Georgia, very important state.”

Lemon said, “You are right. If we go back to that, it is going back to Jim Crow. It is Jim crow part 2, Jim Crow 2. What it shows more than anything —maybe this is the reason that Republicans are so hell-bent on talking about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head, because one hand is doing one thing and the other hand is doing the thing that is going to get them to guarantee that they get elected. That is going to hurt really Black and Brown voters, but they don’t care.”

Cuomo said, “Well, at the same time, they are coaxing people along with this momentum of people are out to get you. They’re out to destroy you.

Lemon said, “White grievance. White grievance. That’s what it is.”

He continued, “People are afraid as you saw with the insurrection, as you saw with the whole fake the election was stolen, people are afraid of the changing demographics of the country, but it’s inevitable. They’re fighting a losing battle. What they’re trying to do — America is going to be a minority-majority country. What they’re trying to do is set themselves up so that even though they are the minority in the future that they will still be able to have power, political power, economic power, and so on.”

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